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Top 10 exciting things to do in Miami this vacation

Miami is one of the most popular vacation destinations amongst the travelers where they are given multiple exciting choices for entertainment throughout the year. Some of the many exciting things to do in Miami include exploring the art, outdoor activities, food, and festivals. Moreover, this destination is also recognized amongst many travelers for having the world’s busiest cruise airport. Through the recent years, there has been an increase in flight ticket booking by travelers to Miami for employment and entertainment purposes.

Most irresistible things to do in Miami during this visit


Miami Beach

The main and most common reason to book cheap international flights to Miami is to explore the beauty of Miami beach. Many travelers simply fall for the nightlife and spa here. It would also be a great loss if you would miss out on the beach sports and rides set exclusively for the travelers. The fishing and volleyball games are also some of the things for which the beach gets crowded mostly. Many travelers make their flight bookings to take a view of the architecture and beauty of the city as well.

2. Shop at the Bayside Marketplace

Miami Market

The Bayside marketplace is, in fact, one of the spots with many exciting things to do in Miami. The prime ones amongst them are definitely the food and dining experiences. Also, you would not want to miss out on the 3D island that provides a unique visual experience to the travelers. Uniquely, this marketplace also holds a separate space for mothers and newborns. In addition to all this, some travelers make their airline reservations to Miami to get on one of those cruises that serve them hot, fresh seafood and live fishing experiences. If you are one of those travelers who look forward to a cheap shopping experience, then the Bayside market place is the perfect stop for you.

3. Enjoy the wildlife and view at Miami Zoo

Miami Zoo

Even though you have traveled around the world, Miami Zoo will be one such place where you find absolutely no barriers and boundaries. This 940 acres of land is open to all travelers with the rarest species of birds and animals. Once you are done seeing the, you may then walk to the amphitheaters or take one of those water rides here.  One of the most fun things to do in Miami is to watch the zoo lights in animal shape, the best things your kids would love to come again for in Miami.

4. Experiment and learn at the Miami Science Museum

Miami Science Musem

If you are on one of those all inclusive vacation deals, then do visit the Miami science museum before you leave. It is indeed a rare destination for the children where they are allowed to learn about health using their own bodies. In those fun things to do in Miami is visiting the wide aquariums that preserve many rare aquatic species. This museum also consists of many interactive panels, programs and lectures especially set up for the students for interactive sessions. Thus, this museum gives an amazing experience to its visitors through its 360-degree screens where these sessions are played.

5. Get on the Freedom tower

Freedom Tower Miami

The Freedom Tower was one such tower that was built in favor of the refugees who sacrificed their lives in the Cold war. Thus, this tower consists of an exhibition and space gallery with excerpts from the past, as a reminder of the sacrifice of those soldiers. Moreover, this destination is also a symbol of freedom from cold war conflicts. This building was later donated to Miami Dada college for art and design studies to the students. So if you are keen on a travel for less and would love opting for one of those discount flights

6. Walk to the Bayfront park

Visit Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is one of the largest parks in Miami spread across 32 acres of land. Travelers often fall in love with this destination to get a spectacular view of water frontages along with the shopping experience. This destination serves as a beach, a park, and a playground and also has got the maximum number of exciting things to do in Miami. The park is also filled with many beautiful monuments that are noteworthy. Travelers make their flight bookings to Miami to enjoy sightseeing and spend leisurely evenings here. The park also is recognized as an essential sightseeing place by local and international tourists.

7. Cruise the Ocean drive

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is an underwater amusement experience where you will stay amazed by the shops, clubs, and hotels. The clubs here and the nightlife comes to its zeal past midnight. This destination is also one of those places that hold many exciting things to do in Miami. Some of them are beach activities, shopping, and midnight dine-ins. Like the oceanic view, the shopping areas and the historic districts around are something that never has an end. The best part of Oceanic drive can be enjoyed during midnights.

8. Visit Crandon Park

Crandon Park

Crandon Park is an open park in Miami with many amusements that keep the visitors hooked from the very beginning to the end. What takes travelers to great surprise on making their flight reservations to Miami and being at this park is the mingling of various ecosystems together. The Park also often becomes a picnic spot to the tourists who desire to travel for less and they do enjoy the beauty around till wee hours. Crandon park can also be called a spot where travelers can explore nature at its best too.

9. Stroll down the Tropical Botanic Garden


The tropical botanic garden is a widespread plot of lush greenery sprawling in acres. This is, in fact, a man made garden with the sole purpose of conservation of species. This garden too holds many things to do in Miami for which travelers make their flight reservations. This destination is made a flight booking for by all travelers, especially students to spread awareness and knowledge on horticulture. The main reason why many educational institutions recommend their students to visit this destination is that it gives a hands-on learning experience to its core. The garden is more festive in mood and many people look for flight tickets here during those seasons.

10. Enjoy coral art at Coral castle

Coral castle

The Coral Castle is said to be formed by the gathering of corals. Taking a Toronto to Miami flight, a traveler would not like missing on this destination. The tourism sector also warns its visitors of the dangers of visiting this destination since being roughly built upon corals and rocks. It is at the same time said that the castle was built upon strong fossils and rocks. By any chance, it is advised not to miss this destination since it has got the rarest of sights to see.

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