Thing to do in Toronto

Most Exciting Things to do in Toronto for New Year 2020

Toronto is one of those cities that gets busy and crowded during the New Year. There are many exciting things to do in Toronto while you take part in the business and merry-making. There are hundreds of destinations that are to be planned for while looking for cheap flight tickets to celebrate Christmas in the city that is rich in arts, crafts, and fun-filled celebrations. Therefore, Toronto is definitely one of those destinations that are to be marked if all that you look forward to is travel for less.

Destinations to visit and things to do in Toronto for New Year 2020

Walk to Winnipeg

Walk through Winnipeg

Winnipeg is one of those tourist destinations that remain flooded on New Year’s eve. Many people book their flight tickets to Toronto to enjoy the balloon drops and music. Evenings here turn out to be even more entertaining with DJ and party. People also enjoy skis, competitions, and games as a part of the gala. Goodies such as bats, tiaras, and hats are sold out to kids for cheap prices. There are also costume parties and merry-makings that last all night. Some travelers also look forward to grabbing cheap flight tickets to Toronto to fetch their special passes sold out during the New Year.

Visit the Dancing Sasquatch

Dancing Sasquatch Canada

The Dancing Sasquatch is a huge party place that is surrounded by mountains and a popular venue for hosting New Year parties. Travelers often include this destination in their wishlist to take part in the exciting events during those days. The exciting part of this venue is the open dance floors surrounded by trees.  There are also campfires conducted till late at night to keep the spirit of the day going.

Attend Noon Year’s Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball partyThe Masquerade ball is an elegant occasion which is hosted for the kids especially. As a part of the ball, there are many events like ball parties, fancy dress and balloon drops too. Many travelers also make their flight reservations to attend the late-night campfires. Thereafter, the guests are invited for a grand dinner at the barrel room. This party often goes till the wee hours of the next day and hence many ball parties also arrange for brunch on the welcome of the new year.


Watch China Town festival 

China Town Toronto

One of the perks of making a flight ticket booking for cheap flights within Canada is getting to watch the China town festival. It is a rare visual treat to the tourists with visuals, performances and relishing foods. Firecrackers and the well planned cultural programs are a major attraction of the festival. Dressed up walks across the street is another fun element for which travelers make their flight booking during New yeat to Toronto. Sipping the warm coffee and munching the yummy doughnuts is one of the best things to do in Toronto for New Year 2020.

Explore Mystery Museum

Mystique MuseumMystery museum is a historic tourist spot that is made a part of all-inclusive vacation deals with evidence dated 5000 years ago. The destination is well maintained with marble floors, well maintained throughout the years. Also, the artwork spread across the walls amazes the onlookers of the present generation. The museum is also rich in attractive paintings which is a trademark of art from the past. Every single weapon, arms, and armor from the past has been preserved and kept intact till date. Even the gowns used by queens in their golden days have been preserved with all their glory. Similarly, it has many things to do in Toronto for New Year 2020, travelers make to last minute flight deals to visit this destination

Take part Mariposa’s new year cocktail

Coctail party Toronto

Mariposa’s new year cocktail stands different from the other cocktail parties since being hosted on a cruise, which is a different feel altogether. It is also a part of many all-inclusive vacation deals where three and a half hours have been allowed to the travelers just to get the spirit of the new year. Such flight bookings to Toronto are opted for by the travelers to enjoy the 3-5 hours of cruising and food. The party then gets even more celebratory in the mood with DJ and dance floors open all night long which is one of the best things to do in Toronto for NewYear 2020.

Dive into Ripley’s Aquarium

Aquarium Toronto

Walk into the underground aquarium that provides a face-to-face aquatic view and is an inclusive part of your flight booking. There are three aquariums that are amazingly included as a part of Ripley’s aquarium- Aquarium of Canada, Aquarium of Smokies and a part of Myrtle beach is what is altogether called Ripley’s Aquarium. The all-inclusive vacation deals have Ripley’s aquarium as an inevitable part with 1.5 gallons of water, food, water rides, shops, and restaurants within.

Go Velvet underground


One of the most astounding destinations included often is the velvet underground. The liveness of this spot is much more felt with the music, fashion, and art. There are many concerts, lectures, special events, and fashion shows. One of the main things to do in Toronto in NewYear 2020 is to explore the underwater theatres. Another reason for flight booking during New Year is to enjoy the sessions played by many renowned artists and musicians. Attending the concerts on the velvet underground is something unavoidable for the New Year.

Enjoy The Delisle space

Delisle space Toronto

Delisle space is a vacation destination that is renowned for the gallery with a display of art and photos. Its beauty lies in the well-designed walls, lighting, and rooms. It also comprises of local shops which facilitates small scale businesses. It is otherwise called the hub of young professionals and a location for photographers to experiment with their talent by creating an ambiance for office or residential kind of photoshoots. It is also one of those important destinations for Calgary to Toronto flights and has got many exciting things to do in Toronto for New Year 2020.

Get on top of CN Tower

Being the biggest observation towers of Toronto, people make their flight bookings to enjoy the night view from CN towers. It is one such project that was built as a developmental venture. Also, it is one of those places that is chosen by the film industry for shooting movie scenes. It has also been noticed for its glass panels and the world’s highest glass elevators. However, CN Towers had secured all safety standards before opening itself to the public.CN tower