How to get last minute flight deals Canada

Last Minute flights: How to buy them cheap

Last-minute flights are always expensive and due to certain unforeseen events, most of us at some point of your life would have to swallow the pills and accept the high price. You do not always have to pay such high prices for last-minute flights, surprised!. I am not talking about a 50 percent discount on the last minute prices but a saving of a couple of 100 dollars per ticket. When you are traveling with your family, a couple of 100 dollars per ticket still amounts to a large saving. Last minute flight deals can be extremely useful if you are looking for cheap international flights. Here are some of the best ways to buy cheap last minute flights. 


Be flexible with Date 

If you want to save huge on your airfares a traveler should be flexible with the date and time. In many cases, airfares on weekends would be much higher than weekdays airfares but this is not standardly applicable for all flights and all destinations across the world. Try searching on the internet for the same and witness the price difference yourself. In some cases, a change of a day can significantly reduce the price of the ticket. When you are looking for cheap last minute flight, a change in travel by a day or so will help you avoid making a big hole in your pocket.


Unpublished Fares

Unpublished fares are one of the best options available as a consumer to avail cheap last minute flight deals. Only a very few agents deal in last flight deals such as BookOtrip. Airlines when selling their tickets to agents request them not to advertise or sell their tickets below a certain amount. But few agents offer unpublished call only deals for customers who are willing to call them to inquire about the same. These fairies are significantly cheaper than the ones made available on their website. In the case of last-minute flight deals, you could surely hit a bargain through this process. The agents who deal in unpublished fares usually pile up large inventories and they would try selling their tickets at very low margins. Unpublished fares are always the best way to buy last minute travel deals. Unpublished fares are considered one of the best methods to buy cheap airline tickets

Fly budget carriers

Always look to travel in budget airlines as it will automatically reduce the cost of flying. You can always try calling various agencies to buy tickets from them. As you know only a very few flights travel with full capacity, hence the availability of tickets is a surety. You could always call the various travel agencies to compare the best offer and try to bargain with them if they offer unpublished fares. Some of the most well known lost cost careers that operate in Canada are as follows: Flair Airlines, Swoop, Jetlines, Air Canada Rouge, Porter, Air Transat and more. 

If you are looking to save on last-minute flight deals always make low-cost airlines your first priority. Low-cost airlines might compromise on certain perks but it will certainly help you to save a lot. Low-cost airlines can be an excellent way to avail cheap flights within CanadaSome airlines make money by charging extra for checked bags, printing your boarding pass, credit card and much more. Be sure to add up all these costs to the total cost of the ticket and make sure it is way lower than the regular airline’s faires. 

Try transit flights to your destination

Direct flights are usually very expensive when compared to flight with one or more transit locations. Transit flight might take longer to reach the same destination but it will intern reduce the overall cost of the airfare. When you are looking for last-minute flight deals it is always advisable to look for transit flights with multiple stopover destinations. If you search the Bookotrip website you will understand what I mean, those direct flight tickets will cost you a fortune but multiple stopover flights will cost you up to 40 percent less the cost of direct flights. When you are looking for cheap last minute flights always look for flights with at least one stopover. 

Use Travel Aggregators to find the best price

Bookotrip- Travel Agregator

Travel aggregators sites or meta-search websites (as they are commonly known) is a great opportunity to find the best prices offered by the various online platforms. These meta-search websites crawl information from various websites and list the same on their website saving you time and energy. Some of the most famous metasearch websites are Kayak, wego, so on and so forth. If you are looking for last-minute flight deals the best place to look for the same is a meta-search website. You could compare the various offerings and choose the cheapest one from the available price list. The users of these sites have confirmed that in some cases the price does work in their favor. 


Mix and match airlines

Sometimes mix and match airlines can help you save a lot of money. I have personally experienced the same, the only difficulty that you might face is the multiple check-ins and check-out procedures throughout the journey. That is a small inconvenience you might have to face in return for the huge savings that you can enjoy on your travel. Sometimes mix and match airlines can help you reduce the overall travel time of your journey. The only downside to this technique is the possibility of losing your connection airlines due to mistakes caused by the airlines or due to any unforeseen events. In that case, the chances of getting a refund are minimal or close to impossible. Every penny counts when you are booking last minute flight deals hence mix and matching of flights is a great way to save a lot of money. 


Check multiple search engines to get the best price

Not all search engines are equal, some of the most common search engines used across the world are Google, yahoo, bing, so on and so forth. Each search engine has a unique crawling methodology, of the lot Google is considered the best search engine out there. It is always advised to browse through the various search engines available within your capacity to search for the cheapest flight tickets, sometimes you can find significantly low prices for your faires when compared to other listings. Always browse through the various search engines before deciding on the fairs. 



Last-minute flight deals are naturally very expensive but by utilizing the above-mentioned techniques you could save hundreds of dollars on your last minute tickets. Every penny saved is every penny earned hence it is always important to save as much as you could. A certain sense of satisfaction emerges in the mind of the ticket buyer when he or she is convinced that they have the cheapest tickets available in the market. Low cost airlines services are offered by certain firms like Bookotrip, who you could rely on the same to get the best deals possible.