Kerala, God's Own Country

Kerala – God’s Own Country

Kerala the land of the Coconut 

Kerala, God’s own country is known across the world for its rich heritage and unique culture. Historically Kerala was divided among three main kingdoms, The Travancore Kingdom, the strongest of the three, then comes the Cochin Kingdom with its capital in Tripunithura and finally the Malabar Samudiri Kingdom with its capital in Calicut. The Kerala rulers, unlike their northern counterparts, were keen on ensuring that the people of their kingdoms prosper to its fullest. There were a lot of princely states that ruled their respective kingdoms under the protectorate of either of the three kingdoms.  Kerala is part of the western ghats, which means a large portion of the state remains under thick vegetation. Tourism has always been a large factor driving Kerala’s economy. The sun-kissed beaches and beautiful forests are spread across the state the length and breadth of the state giving it a greener look. Kochi is the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala, it is one of the most advanced cities in South India. Trivandrum is the legislative capital of Kerala and the second biggest city in Kerala after Kochi. Blessed with some of the most fertile lands in the country enabling the people of the state to grow a wide variety of food and cash crops. Kerala in its glory days has traded with Romans, Kerala has always been a spice producing hub of India, producing some of the highest quality of pepper in the world. Kerala produces a wide assortment of spices that is in high demand across the world. Some of the must-see places in God’s Own Country are as follows: 




Munnar is a hill station located in the state of Kerala, India. Munnar is characterized by beautiful tea plantations, picturesque mountains, and beautiful green pastures. Munnar weather is visitor friendly, enabling people to take long walks and enjoy other extracurricular activities. People are very friendly and helpful you will not find any difficulty in interacting with the locals. Kerala has a high literacy rate and communicating in English will not be a difficult endeavor. Kerala is called God’s Own Country because of its rich flora and fauna, nature has blessed Kerala with abundant beauty. The people of Kerala are very friendly and will certainly make your stay in Kerala a wonderful experience. To visit Munnar you should take a flight to the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala, Kochi. Cochin International Airport is the world’s first airport to fully function in renewal energy. Once you reach Kochi you could travel to Munnar by Taxi, or rent yourself a bike or car. If you are not comfortable traveling alone why not try Munnar holidays from Cochin or similar Munnar tour packages offered by various other travel agencies. 

How did Tea come to Munnar

People of Munnar had never grown tea before, it was the British that brought tea plantation to Munnar Kerala. The British had a problem with the high price of tea sold by the Chinese, they could not find good margins while selling Chinese tea, forcing them to think for alternatives. They decided that the Chinese monopoly on tea needs to end. That is when the British discovered that certain hill stations in India have the right climatic temperature to grow tea. Munnar was one such place, and it was under the direct supervision of the British Raj that large tea plantations started taking shape in Munnar India. That is how tea came to Munnar. The tea plantations of Munnar have become a wounder for the world to witness. People in the west have not seen how tea is grown, plucked and processed, a visit to Munnar will certainly be a learning experience. 

Alleppey Houseboat Cruise



Alleppey is called the Venice of the east, similar to Venice Alleppey has many channels wide enough to accommodate large houseboats. As a tourist, you could actually stay in the houseboat for a day or so. These houseboats are equipped with fully-fledged toilet facilities, multiple bedrooms and much more. Alleppey houseboat rides are particularly in high demand among Europeans. Alleppey is world-renowned for its greenery and coconut trees. The Alleppey is the coir capital of Kerala, the district process the largest quantity of coir in Kerala. It exports a large number of coir products to countries across the world. Alleppey is one of the few tourist places that have seen tourists coming back again and again, to rekindle their experience. The food offered during the cruise is very spicy and it is a paradise for fish-loving folks. Alleppey is famous for its large variety of delicious food and the local serves their food extra spicy. You would certainly love the bright sunny weather, the weather in Alleppey is warm yet not harsh. The right temperature for tourists to enjoy every second of their stay. Alleppey houseboat cruise packages are the best option for people who want to enjoy Alleppey to its fullest. 


Kettuvelam is a Malayalam word used to describe boats that carry heavy loads of goods throughout the district. The Kettuvelam was a catalyst in the economic development of Kerala especially in areas where other transport modes have not yet been fully developed. These large boats usually 100 feet long were used as a mode of transport for carrying goods and people from one place to another. An average Kettuvelam can carry 25 tonnes of cargo that is equal to about what three trucks can carry, making it a cost-effective mode of transport. Kerala backwaters formed the spine of rural transport in Alleppey as it had an efficient naturally formed canal system. The Royalties used these Kettuvelam (Kerala boathouse)  as a mode of transport from one place to the other. Such boats usually are equipped with all the latest amenities that you can think of, making your travel a luxurious experience. After Independence Kettuvallams had to reinvent itself to cater to the rising tourist inflow to Kerala. In fact, people who experienced Kettuvelam ride usually return to rekindle the experience, again and again, it is so addictive. Fisherman in Alleppey has been traditionally using a fish net to catch fish from backwaters, something unique that has no resemblance available elsewhere. Alleppey has now started to emerge as a popular honeymoon destination among both national and international travelers.




Thekkady has India’s largest wildlife sanctuary, a paradise for any tourist visiting India. The sanctuary is spread across 777 Sq. Kms, surrounded by an artificial lake spread across 25 Sq.Km. The 120-year-old Surki dam spread across Periyar is a magnet that attracts tourists from across the world. Thekkady is the sole tiger reserve in India, blessed with large flora and fauna, it holds some of the most endangered species in the world. If you fancy your self enjoying a good time in the jungle, Periyar is the place to be. If you are planning for a vacation to Kerala or if you are actually in Kerala and you could spare a weekend (two days and three nights) from your busy schedule, Thekkady Tour Package From Cochin will bring a great deal of joy and fun to your weekend. 

Things to do in Thekkady

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected tiger reserve, a fascinating piece of land that is untouched by human interventions. The artificial lake formed by the construction of the Mullaperiyar dam is a true spectacle to watch. Tourists can enjoy trekking through the tiger trails, an experience worth remembering throughout your life. If you are lucky you could see tigers, leopards roaming through the wild. Wild elephants are a major attraction for most tourist who visits Periyar. Tourists could witness herds of elephants enjoying pasters or young tuskers playing with each other. Visitors have an option to enjoy bamboo rafting, trekking, jeep safari and if you are interested you could try Ayurveda messages to refresh your mind and body. Thekkady tour package from Cochin is suitable for people who are looking for a hassle-free vacation experience.   


Kerala, God’s Own Country is one of the most beautiful strips of land in the world. Kerala is blessed with natural beauty, mesmerizing mountain ranges, forests, rivers, backwaters so on and so forth. Kerala has a unique set of cultures, traditions, foods, architecture so on and so forth. It is a religiously tolerant society that has natured a good relationship with different communities in the world. When Jews where prosecuted across the world, India choose to stay different, Kerala was one of the few states in India that received a huge number of Jewish refugees. The  Kings of the land gave these jews land and money so that they could build their houses and places of worship. Kerala has always been a tourist hub and a favorite spot for European travelers for many years. It seems that Canadians are fast catching up on the trend. Kerala has consistently ranked the best destination for Indian travel, hence rightfully cementing the tag line God’s Own Country. So why wait! book your airtickets now and enjoy each movement.