Make your Mumbai Valentines Day Special!

Best ways to celebrate a Mumbai Valentine’s Day 2020.

Valentine’s day, of all the other days of the year, is said to be a time when travellers reveal their spirit of love. Also, travel is the best way to take your age in reverse and enjoy the best moments with someone you love. Mumbai is one of those idyllic cities that has its own charm and never fails to impress their travellers. A Mumbai valentine’s day is always a dream to the travellers since the destination itself speaks of love. There are in fact many destinations and places of interest in Mumbai which travel lovers must make the most of. From parties to dinners and fun activities, the city stays in its full bloom to welcome couples from worldwide and celebrate their Valentine’s in India through the most unique ways. Ahead, we shall see the most exotic destination to add colors to your day of love.

Places to celebrate the best valentines day Mumbai

The city bustling in the crowd all day long, Mumbai has got the best and incomparable destinations to celebrate Valentine’s day and make it memorable for a lifetime. Ahead, we shall see some of those destinations that reflect the true feel of Valentine’s day in India.

Powai Lake

valentines day in Powai lake

This lake remains a symbol of beauty for the past many years and stays crowded on valentine’s day. Some of the things that couples love to do here are birdwatching and enjoying the scenic beauty filled in greenery. Thus, Powai lake can always be seen crowded with nature lovers. There are also many other means of entertainment like going car dashing at Hakone, which is a fun aspect added to your visit. Some travellers also book their airtickets to spend their evenings here to simply enjoy a filling dinner and some games for which Galleria is also more known. You may then mark the beautiful end to your Valentine’s day by clicking some couple photos in front of the lake.

Chota Kashmir

valentines day in chota kashmir lak

The much heard of destination amongst travellers, this destination has been named so since being filled with flowers and is in its full bloom all through the year. Chota Kashmir is also a place that is filled with coconuts and palms, resembling Kashmir in its view. This is also the reason as to why couples make their air ticket booking here. If you are also looking for a picnic experience at low costs, then this is just the place for you. The captivating sites of this space are spread around two kilometers. There are also boating facilities provided here, which adds on to your special Mumbai valentine’s day and takes you back to the retro times. Once you are done, you may also treat yourselves with hot meals from restaurants around the lake. There are also sea adventures arranged for those who are daring enough.

Carter Road

Valentines Day in Carter road

Carter road though is not a destination, it is the best place to make plans for your Valentine’s day in India. The Bandstand here is one of the busiest destinations here that is filled with walkers and joggers both in the mornings and evenings. The Bandra Fort, a prominent monument that is over 2000 years old is also located here. Some travellers also make their flight bookings to Mumbai to visit the famous Mount Mary’s church where believers from around the world of any religious dominations arrive. There are also frequent fairs held to attract travellers with many curios, food varieties, and showcase items. Shopping craze of the travellers can also be unleashed at shops that the link road where you get to by different things of interest at the cheapest rates.  In fact, you would stay stunned at the Bollywood inspired collections including trinkets and jewelry.


Valentines day ELLIPSES

Sharing a meal with your loved ones is the true bliss of celebrating Valentine’s day in India. You could either plan it at a posh restaurant or somewhere peaceful and simple. This restaurant is based on the grey and brown theme maintained in its decor, dishes, and furnishings. The word ellipses mean the omission of words from speech. However, if you are planning to book flight tickets for low-cost airlines, then this definitely a recommended space for you. The lighting here is so warm and heart-melting that it helps create a space for conversation. However, many choose their hot flight deals to Mumbai to savor the 19th-century experience with drinks and quinine.

Wander in wilderness

Valentines Day at Verandas

Don’t you think at least once in a while to travel somewhere that you may experience and share your love in extremes? Then you should definitely take the wander trails and get the feel of being on a trip with the love of your life. The wander trails take place in different locations such as Phansad, Alibaug, and the Western Ghats. The travellers may choose their stay amidst the forests, enjoying the cool and content climate where they may opt amongst cottages or suits. The stay facilities are provided with living areas, library, and bathtubs. There is nothing more satisfying than having a warm cup of coffee and spending time in the. Many travellers look for the best flight deals to enjoy these moments. Many also look forward to ending their stay with a bonfire that lasts all night long.

Madh Islands

Valentines Day at Madh Island

Madh islands is also another beautiful destination that spreads tranquility in its ambiance. The best part of these islands is its secluded beaches which invite many couples through its beauty. These are also home to many churches dated back to the 16th century. There are also many places to enjoy sightseeing in the day and night. These islands are also said to have the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. Also, these hosts the most valentines day parties in India. Travellers who book their cheap one-way tickets are said to enjoy the leisurely feel here. No matter at what time of the day it is, the visitors would always love visiting anytime since it is a paradise with a smaller crowd compared to the rest.

Worli Sea Face

Valentines Day At World Sea Face

Any Valentine’s day Mumbai celebrates stays incomplete without visiting the Worli Sea Face. It is said to be one of the busiest places in the city. This is also said to be the best place to experience the sea waves and the soul of Mumbai. The Rajiv Gandhi sea link is one of the prominent destinations listed out on all travels on cheap one-way tickets. The cable car travels across the bridge with just the two of you will definitely be an unforgettable moment in your life. There are many travellers who visit this destination and click their pictures here. The best part of boarding business class flights to Mumbai is to enjoy the skyline for a long while with the one you love.

Bayview cafe

Valentines Day Bay View

Unlike any other cafe, this destination creates a romantic ambiance through its lively rooftop and ambiance. It is also the best place to sit and enjoy the weather of the day. From here, one can relish the beauty of the Arabian sea and the Elephanta islands too. The settings of this very cafe have a romantic touch which also serves delicious meals at all times of the day.  Hours spent enjoying the breeze and the ship lights could simply be the best part of your Valentine’s day in India. The cuisines served here are availed both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian types. Some of the most popular dishes sold here are chicken tikka, chilly cheese toast, and iced tea.


Valentines Day at Dome

Much similar to its name, the dome is a gorgeous and pretty destination to visit for a Mumbai Valentine’s day. It welcomes its guests with a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for the customers to choose from. In the evenings, this place also hosts dance nights where the visitors may dance to their heart’s content with their partner. One may also find very cheap international flights here and still enjoy the international standards of service for low cost airlines comparatively.


Valentines Day Dome

This is one such destination for which travellers arrange local flights in Canada at affordable rates to enjoy their time from this 34 floored building. This restaurant is also known for its finest cocktails and delicious meals served. The mood of visitors is also uplifted through soft music and delicious foods. Unlike the other food joints, this place sells the best healthy meals and fresh juices. There are special private dine-in spaces especially for couples and dining rooms to enjoy their meals. The lofty dining rooms are spacious enough to enjoy their meals.


To sum up:

If you have thought of Mumbai being a crowded and noisy city, then do plan for a Mumbai Valentine’s day and venture around the city. Before you go, check out for the most important destinations that you must visit as a part of your travel. However, do not forget to also check out the major travel deals provided to travel for less and make a unique and unforgettable experience of travel this year.