How to plan a trip, before traveling to India

India the path less discovered

India is the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area and the second-largest country in terms of population. India has been under various rulers for thousands of years, that includes the Mughals, the British raj, so on and so forth. India’s history can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization. India is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The culture of the country has been developed from thousands of years of continuous practice, philosophy, tradition, so on and so forth. India is a vast country like Canada and experiencing the entire country in one go is not practical. Holiday packages in India that cater to specific locations help travelers understand in-depth the idea of India. How to plan the perfect trip is a question that haunts most travelers, especially in the case of India, that has a large diversity of customs and cultures. Cheap flight deals can help reduce the overall travel cost of the trip, most discount online travel agents like BookOtrip offer cheap international flights to almost all locations to India. Canadians can take advantage of certain discount sales or anniversary sales introduced by all the major airlines traveling between Canada and India. These deals and offers can help Canadians avail discount flights, which can help significantly reduce the air ticket cost.  

In recent years a huge influx of Indian immigrants and the diversity that these people bring along with them have created a curiosity among Canadians about India. More and more Canadians are trying out Indian cuisine, listening to Bollywood, trying out Indian goods. All these factors are bringing Canadians closer to India. Due to the strong people to people connection, the governments of both countries have signed agreements to further strengthen their relationship. The civil aviation industry has been the biggest beneficiary of these deals, creating better connectivity between Canadian and Indian cities. Some of the most popular routes between Canada and India are as follows: 

India’s Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan combined together to form India’s golden triangle. So-Called India’s Golden Triangle contributes to a significant chunk of India’s tourism Industry.  Visiting the Golden triangle gives visitors a rare glimpse of India’s past, present, and future. Agra holds the world-famous Taj Mahal, considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Then you have various other famous monuments decorating the golden triangle like the red fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Amber Palace, so on and so forth. 

New Delhi the capital of India is a cosmopolitan city with residents from all over the world. The city is a true representation of the countries diversity. New Delhi is considered one of the most urbanized parts of the country, displaying the proud milestones that the country has achieved.

Rajasthan is a desert state of India, the beautiful state of Rajasthan host lot of beautiful palaces and mahals, a treasure trove of unexplored arts, cultures, architectures that provide a glimpse of the past. Rajasthani craftsmen are world-renowned for their art and artworks, splashed with bright colors, these artwork items are adored by all. For people who are wondering how to plan a trip to India, here is a checklist that will help you plan a perfect vacation to India.

Pink City

Decide when and where to go

The most important factor that a person needs to consider while traveling to India is when and where to come. As mentioned earlier India’s Golden triangle is a favorite among the American and Europian travelers. The travelers are mesmerized by the old heritage monuments and its architectural wonders. If you look at Delhi, the best time to visit Delhi is from February to March and September end to November. Due to the large diversity in temperature, climatic conditions and most importantly geographical landscapes. It is important that proper research is done to ensure you arrive in India, during the best weather.  When you are thinking about how to plan a trip to India, the first thing to consider is to learn about the weather patterns of the country and understand the best time to visit the cities you are looking to travel to. 

Decide How to plan a trip: Guided tours Vs non-guided tours

Some travelers prefer guided tours while others prefer self-experiencing travels. India is a large country filled with diversity, most people prefer guided tours while a very few prefer non-guided tours. Guided tours will give you a glimpse of the touristy side of India, of course, you will be presented with an opportunity to shop in the local bazaars, where you could pick up souvenirs. Non-guided tours are for the adventure seekers who like to experience the culture on the ground, raw, ready to take on all uncertainties that might come their way. Travel to the rural part of India, it will take you back into a time-lapse, a life of peace and tranquility. 

Decide if you require any assistance for planning your itinerary 

BookOtrip is a travel and leisure company that will help customers develop custom packages that suit your requirements. North India is drastically different from South India and so is North-east India. If you are looking for a spiritual getaway then Rishikesh, Himalaya, Uttarakhand is the best place to be. If it is beaches you are after why not try Goa, Kerala. If you are looking for the soul of India no visit would be complete without visiting the holy river Ganga. Deciding how to take on the mammoth task of discovering India is a difficult task and this is where an expert opinion really comes in handy.

Book Accommodation, Travel Insurance, and Airtickets

BookOtrip offers its customers, hotel accommodation options, travel insurance and air tickets at competitive rates. When booking accommodation cost-effectiveness should not be the only criteria. Always book your accommodation with highly respected brand names in the business to ensure standardized service delivery. A startup by the name Oyo rooms has dominated the small and medium-size hotel space ensuring standardized service delivery at affordable rates.  Try them, if you are interested.

Kovalam Beach

Travel insurance is another important component while traveling, never select a cheap travel insurance plan for the simple reason it is cheap. Always look for a respected Insurance company like AIG, in case of insurance coverage. These factors will simplify the claim management process. While looking for international flight tickets look for cheap international flight tickets providers who will sell you tickets at cheap rates. Online travel agencies that provide unpublished fares are capable of selling tickets at a very low price.  

Prepare Paperwork 

Enquire with the Indian embassy in Canada, to know about the paperwork required by a Canadian to travel to India. Make sure you meet all the stringent requirements that the Indian Immigration office requires. It is important to mention that the immigration office in India is very strict and they would send you back if they feel you have not completely adhered to the requirements put forward by the immigration department. 

Get set ready to Go

Once you have completed all these steps, make sure you have a checklist on the things to carry while traveling to India. Pack your bag well, pack your back with the adequate necessities. Follow up with a checklist to make sure you have all the things required to enjoy a comfortable Indian Travel. 


India is a land of diversity, India has 22 languages recognized by the country as its official language. Indian culture is based on eastern philosophy which is a direct contrast to the western philosophies. India has as mesmerized many, its ancient rich culture and tradition is an envy of the world. The large grandeur in terms of the number of monuments that the country has stands testimony to the highly advanced civilization that India ones enjoyed. These monuments give an abstract of the true glory of its lost past and it represents a present that is dedicated to regaining its past glory.