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10 Most Romantic Weekend Getaways of the World for Couples

Planning for romantic vacations post-wedding with your loved ones is, in fact, the best way to mark the most perfect beginnings to your happy married life. Setting an ambiance to express love is something that travelers look forward to during the travel. Most couples often spend months planning the perfect destination to spend their honeymoon and make the first days of togetherness more memorable. However, rather than spending long hours on planning and missing out on the major thrill of traveling together, many forget to spend their precious time available in hand. So just go ahead, leaving everything behind and finding the best ways to celebrate the new bond.  The following are some of the most exotic destinations that you may plan on for your honeymoon travel:


The following are some of the most romantic getaways that also seems to be the best economic destinations for you to spend time over your honeymoon:


Bahamas romantic vacations

The Bahamas is also known as the island of treasure amongst travelers and travel lovers. This is one destination that stands out from the rest for having a beautiful crowd of localites as beautiful as the weather throughout the year. One of these exotic couples getaway is Eleuthera consisting of many seaside resorts. Many travelers often make their airline reservations here to opt for the exciting Bahamas vacation packages with benefits of luxury and adventures. The freeport or the city located at the Grand Bahama island is said to be the home of corals. The honeymooners often make their airline reservations to the Bahamas to explore and get clicked at one of those islands. In fact, this island is known for the rarest species of turtles. If you would love to go on a shopping spree, then George town should be a suitable destination for you. You would be missing out on the major part of your travel if you do not try on the spicy seafood treats sold at affordable and cheap rates. The shopping experience would also stay much incomplete if you do miss out on visiting the Nassau straw market and the duty-free shopping experiences.


Paris couples getaway

Europe is said to be the heart of the blooming romance amongst travelers. It is also one of the best couples getaway where travel lovers look forward to booking their flight tickets to enjoy their thrifty trips. Tuscany, filled with sandy beaches, is one of the most loved romantic weekend getaways for couples all the time. Another reason as to why many couples plan on their honeymoons in Europe is because it serves varieties of pasta with their authentic flavor and taste. Yet another exciting destination included in almost all Europe tour packages in Prague, a place where you can go for a long, relaxing stroll. For those who love to adore architecture, visiting Budapest is the best destination to visually please your eyes. Budapest has also identified a miniature of Europe. Another amazing destination that takes the couples to surprise is the Canary islands with long beaches that would leave craving for more, no matter how much you get them photographed. Very close by is also the city of Rome, the city of eternity and the place where you get to savor the finest cuisines. Amsterdam is also one of the close to heart and eye-catchy spots where many honeymooners just love to be clicked. 


Greece romantic weekend getaways

Greece is a small country with the Santorin town as its midpoint and comprises a virtual film city that keeps the travelers entertained by various aspects. One of the best experiences of opting for Greece vacation packages is that the visitors are also allowed to make a car ride through the city to explore its beauty around for an entire day. The Placa district in this country is said to be filled with shops that sell fancy items and showpieces to the travelers at cheap rates. The Placa district also amazes travelers with shops and food joints that sell relishing and tasty dishes at affordable prices.  The Rhode islands with golden sands and turquoise water add a painted beauty to the background and often become the apt frame for photographs. Enjoying dips in one of those hot springs in these islands will always remain one of the most cherished memories of your romantic vacations. Do try out the Vincanto brand of wine and beer that has been exclusively prepared by the local citizens. Also, the best seafood varieties can only be relished at the shacks of the city. Maybe this would be a fun and frolic experience for the travelers to pick and choose their own food ingredients. This is what excites many honeymooners too as a part of enjoying their cheap vacations.


Maui romantic vacations

You can find cheap flight tickets online for Maui visit, the moat recognized with the largest part of Hawaii and the most exotic travel destination as per many honeymooners’ opinions. This couples getaway is filled with many different species of birds and animals which is, in fact, the major part of this destination. The beauty of this destination lies in its black sands and waterfalls which often become a background to many photographs taken by the honeymooners. Also, the best part of making airline reservations to Maui is enjoying the sunset cruises from the early sunset till night. Spending time in North Shore and the Bohemian lands, many couples find time in whiling away their leisurely time at the Bohemian island with salad, snacks and soothing music. Many also plan their honeymoon to Maui to experience the underwater sports, an indeed thrilling experience. The Lavender farm is indeed the best place for couples to visit as a part of Maui vacation packages which brings the strong feel for love straight to the heart. The nights here on making airline reservations are kept active with live music, concerts, events, and performances. If you are missing out on the Sunset Dinner Cruises, then it is most unfortunate to say that you have not yet made the most of your last minute vacation deals


St Lucia couples getaway

An island filled with greenery and beauty, St. Lucia is also one of the irresistible couple getaways throughout the year. The view of lands spread across acres captures the view both into the eye and stores them within the heart. The famous Tet Paul nature trail is one of the best romantic weekend getaways for those who love long romantic walks. For couples who are interested in adventure and sports, there are exciting St. Lucia vacation packages which include snorkeling and water sports at the pigeon Islands that excite couples all the more. The other outdoor activities to get involved here is mainly hiking for about 2.5 hours amidst those steep mountains together. By the end of the day, you may also take one of those leisurely cruises and lose yourselves in the silence of the sea. To get a divine feel, the travelers also make their flight reservations to visit the Immaculate cathedral that creates a positive feeling amongst the travelers and makes them feel revitalized. Visiting the Smugglers cove resort also makes the travelers feel all the more excited. 


Jamaica romantic weekend getaways

If you have been planning to opt for Jamaica vacation packages, Negril should be the first destination that you must visit. The seven-mile beach with turquoise blue water is one place where couples spend most of their time by themselves. Also, for those travelers who have made their airline reservations to Jamaica and look forward to staying by the Montego bay, should book their stay by one of those beaches. The Treasure Beach by its shape also creates a different feel altogether for the couples. If you are simply looking to spend your time in leisure, then you and your partner may take one of those Bamboo raft trips and take a dip at the YS falls. One of the many perks of visiting this honeymoon destination is that you may join the Jerk Chicken (said to be the world’s best chicken) cooking class. Some of the adventurous attempts liked by the newlyweds include cliff jumping, sunset catamaran cruises and enjoying river rafting at Dunn’s river falls. In fact, getaway trips to Jamaica are mostly budget-saving. End your evenings with a romantic candle light dinner with your loved ones and fill your belly and heart through with your partner. Also, to make your weekends more romantic, take your partner to the Blue Lagoon and enjoy the serenity and peace over a longer while. Some couples exquisitely plan on their romantic vacations to Jamaica to have a comfortable sun bath on one of those beaches and get tanned.


Romantic romantic vacations

Italy is also another destination to spend your romantic vacations with much relaxation. The view from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge seems to be a soothing sight for the eyes. Also, if you would like to spend your time alone with your partner, then Cilento is the best place for you. Food lover couples may opt for Italy vacation packages, exquisitely to visit Naples, a city that is known for original and freshly baked pizzas.  Capri is also another island that is also recognized as the paradise of honeymooners amongst the travellers. If you also seek to visit the best destinations to travel for less, then Lake Como should be the apt romantic weekend getaway to add to your itinerary. The city landscape can also be admired in Rome city with monuments and churches. In fact, it is a known fact that Italy is the origin of pizzas and lasagnas. Also, if you have already made your flight reservations to Italy, do not miss out on the fresh steaks prepared piping hot.


Romantic couples getaway

Bali is also another perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway.  The island is an inviting one with greenery and breathes the cleanest air. Watch the most beautiful sunrise and capture the most amazing views at Mount Batur. Taste the authentic foods prepared by the residents of Kuta, the hub of seaside communities. These foods are prepared by blending and grinding of natural spices. The travellers may also enjoy other sightseeing areas such as museums, zoos and cultural performances. The Pura Besakih temple is one of the destinations to visit which honeymooners make their flight reservations. The Waterbom Bali is also a tropical paradise, in fact a destination that experiences soothing climate throughout the year. One of the main dishes to try here is Lawar, meat cooked in  authentic spices and lemon grass. Also, one of the welcoming dishes that travellers plan to relish on booking their flight tickets is steamed rice cooked with salt and spices.


Romantic romantic weekend getaways

Las Vegas is definitely a true honeymoon destination that sets the mood for love to be ablaze. This is also one destination that extends affordable and luxurious honeymoon packages for the newly weds who make their flight reservations here. The helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon together is definitely the most exciting part of the las vegas vacation packages. Also, the boat ride across Gondola with your partner will make an unforgettable experience, being in a romantic weekend getaway. The best relishing dish to try out in Las Vegas is the Riserva steak that is prepared in dry meat. Another unforgettable cuisine to try before you book your flight tickets back home is Khao Soi, meat cooked in coconut milk.


Hawaii romantic vacations

Honolulu as a destination means gathering place in verbatim. It is indeed a fantastic place to take a romantic place with your partner. Taking one of those helicopter rides over Oahu Islands helps you and your partner experience the most romantic and thrilling moments. Also, it is one of the rarest moments and best perks of booking your flight tickets to Honolulu to watch the fireworks at Waikiki beach resort with the display of lights. Also, it is a truly rare experience to keep watching the fireworks  as you cruise through Catamaran Islands. Or you could also simply book your air tickets to lie on one of those hammocks on the sea side and enjoy the sweetness of tender coconut. Grab your last minute flight deals where travel experts advise you to make exiting decisions. Take the flight deals the above choose the most romantic locations you should visit.