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Things You Notice As A 30 Years Old Traveler

You notice a lot of things when you travel during your thirties. In your 30s, your priorities are totally different compared to those in your 20s. The approach you take when booking accommodations, ordering food, doing shopping, and scheduling your travel will be very different. However, you will still be looking for cheap flights. That will continue to be your top priority. Now, you can head on right away to flight ticket booking to find the best bargain deals for your trip.

#1: Air conditioner can be a dealbreaker

In your 20s, you wouldn’t mind sleeping in a sauna if you can save a few dollars on accommodation. When you turn 30, you will be ready to pay a little extra for accommodation with air conditioner. Often, you tend to opt for all inclusive vacation packages that offer the best deals.

#2: Menu choices will be different and exciting

You will allocate a little more money for your food. You will not limit your eating to just sandwiches or half of a foot-long Subway sandwich. You will start perusing Yelp to find out the best places to have dinner and you will choose the restaurant based on content instead of costs.

#3: You see the sunrise after sleeping well in the night

You will in all probability set an alarm and wake up before dawn to go on a sunrise hike, yoga session, or kayak to see jungle animals.

#4: You opt for private rooms

Typically, you will refrain from sharing space with strangers and prefer to stay in comfortable hotel rooms that have nice amenities.

#5: You will look for better souvenirs

Since you will be able to allocate a bigger budget for your souvenirs, you will start looking at things other than a magnet at local handicraft markets.

#6: Your stuff your backpack with practical items

In the 20s, when you went on backpacking trips, you used to fill your bags with impractical items. In the 30s, you pack like a pro with first aid kit, wet wipes, anti-bacterial hand gel, among others.

#7: You start thinking outside guidebooks

By the time you hit the 30s, you would have got over the fear of missing out that you had in your 20s. You know what exactly you want and you would prefer to explore a city on foot, stop for grabbing a mug of beer or a glass of wine or meander through museums

#8: You become a little more adventurous

When you have a little more disposable income, you might go on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon instead covering it on foot. Instead of hiring a cycle, you might rent a jet ski at some other destination.

#9: You may not go after ‘buy one get one’ offers

As you hit the 30s, you might start realizing that you don’t really have to take full advantage of those ‘buy one get one’ offers.

#10: Your many not be too obsessed with selfies

Of course, you might still take selfies, but after one or two shots you will tuck your camera away and focus on landmarks as well as amazing sights.

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