Things to do in Cancun

Most exciting things to do in Cancun during your travel

Cancun is one of those lands of unparalleled picturesque beauty. Everything in this land is of utmost serenity, from the sands to the sea and the climate which captures all the beauty with the heart. This land also experiences a cool climate from December to April and remains cool thereafter. There are many Cancun attractions that are mingled with the present and the past. Also, there are many distinctive shopping places which create a unique shopping experience within the city. Another major reason as to why Cancun is considered a heritage destination is due to the conservation of its wildlife. By all means, Cancun is a destination that always brings the true feel of a vacation.

Things to do in Cancun

The following are some of the major attractions in Cancun that you must plan for your vacation. The places also have some of the most exciting things to do in Cancun:

Enjoy the Temazcal ceremony

Though there are many simple festivities to take part in during a visit to Cancun, the Tecmazal ceremony is something mandatory to be at. The aim of conducting such a ceremony is to ensure the good health of the participants, spiritually and mentally. This treatment is only provided to those who attend this ceremony in groups. It is one of the best events to attend where the participants are introduced to many reclining therapies. The therapies that are used during the ceremony help the travellers lead a happier and healthier life too. In fact, the aim of these therapies is to bring back the travellers to a lifestyle in tune with nature. In short, the aim of this ceremony is to ensure well being of the participants.

Visit the Maya city of Chichen Itza


Though this destination is identified as a city, it is an iconic and large temple with one kilometer of diameter and is visited mostly during the spring. The notable aspect of this destination is that as the sun hits the steps of these monuments, the shadow of a snake is reflected on its walls. As the position of the sun changes, so can one feel the image of a snake slithering down the steps. History says that this monument was built between 1050-1200 CE and has a precision of construction. There is also a ball court amidst this monument where the present public authorities conduct their meetings. The Maya city is said to be one of the most influential Cancun attractions which bring in a huge crowd. As per the archaeological reports too, it is one of those ancient monuments which has been preserved from being in ruins. The city is thus indeed the reflection of an era.

Checkout Xoximilco

Many travellers add this destination with all the eagerness, to know more about this destination. Some even research about this destination before their travel. Xoximilco is a huge amusement park, located in the heart of Cancun city. Checking out this park is one of the inevitable things to do in Cancun before your travel ends. Water rides, water sports, and other amusement rides are the reasons as to why travellers plan for this destination.  Something rare that can be experienced here is the boat ride with hot street food served and entertainment. Also, a walk through Xoximilco can help one get a better view of the culture and traditions of Cancun. Another interesting reason as to why travellers check out for the best offers and discounts to Cancun is to enjoy time with the special street foods and drinks at cheap rates. There is a team of musicians who are permanent on each boat and entertain travelers with light and heartwarming music until the end. This is also one of the best places to try out the best varieties of Cancun foods.

Isla Mujeres Day trip


Planning travel during the midweeks, Isla Mujeres day trip is something that eases out the travel and also is a break from the usual. This day trip is all about taking pleasure in natural destinations like the beaches and sands. There are lots of other activities that the travellers can take pleasure within the 7 kilometers of space. By the late afternoon, you can also walk through the Garaffon Natural Reef Park with lush, green and cool gardens. These gardens cool both the body and minds and refresh the traveller’s thoughts at once. This exciting trip begins and ends with countless exciting things to do in Cancun. For many travellers flying down from Vancouver to Cancun, this trip is said to be the best part of the travel. There are a lot of activities apart from these such as underwater museums, snorkeling, diving and watching the underwater sculptures.

Listen to tales at Las Colaradas

The word ‘ Las’ means pink in Spanish. Thus Las Colaradas is nothing but pink lakes filled with salt.  The beauty of these lakes is indeed picturesque and are often photographed by travellers. Being a rare sight to see, these lakes are one of the major tourist attractions for those who visit Cancun, be it any time of the year. Another major sightseeing place here is the Rio Lagartos bio reserve. Being here, one remains awestruck by the varieties of flamingoes, crocodiles, sea turtles, jaguars and sea birds like never before. These lakes also expand to a wide area of 15000 acres and are one of the biggest lakes in the world. Moreover, Las Colaradas has been identified as one of the most huge centers of sea salt production in the world. Many travellers go for early airline reservations to spend time at the fishing villages, experience fishing and get good catches.

Watch a Lucha Libre show

A Lucha Libre show is a traditional comic wrestling show hosted amongst the public and is the best way to spend quality time with the natives. Some people make their flight booking to Cancun to watch a show one of those late evenings. Both the opponents remain masked till the end of the wrestle which is the only rule to be abided by till the end of the show. In the end, the loser of the match is to reveal his identity by taking off his mask. This is one of the best Cancun attractions and customs that has been maintained in the destination for long. The Lucha Libre show keeps no biases where the wrestlers can be both men and women. The idea of this show is to promote martial arts and grow the love for martial arts.

Picnic at Tulum

Tulum is said to be one of those silent beaches in the world. It is also of the most hygienic and well-maintained beaches of the world. Tulum beach comes to life during late nights when it gets filled with youngsters. Also, many book their cheap one way flights to enjoy the seafood with the authentic blend of spices. This is indeed a major eco-friendly destination to visit which travellers go for the best flight deals. A major part of Tulum is filled with rocks, trees and old buildings. Thus, this spot is a constant reminder that earth was once an eco-friendly place where one-third of the land is filled with rocks, trees, and ancient buildings. Thus, Tulum is a reminder that the earth was once a place with an eco-friendly atmosphere. The same is the reason why many travellers look forward to choosing amongst the last minute travel deals to visit Cancun.

Visit Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve


The Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is one of the most fragile and protected reserves of the world. It is also one of those UNESCO protected areas for the past many years. The Mayan Canal flowing through this reserve keeps its lush and lively. This canal is also said to comprise of over 500 different varieties of fishes, which is indeed a spectacular sight to see. One of the most soothing things to do in Cancun is bird watching, sitting beside the canal. This reserve also has openings to many small and large lagoons where travellers may spend their time.  Fishing experiences guided by experts is also another most expected activity by many visitors. This reserve is also said to be the origin of many underground rivers.

Get on to the Scenic Tower

Indeed one of the best things to do in Cancun inexpensively is to watch a sunset from the scenic tower. This rotating tower is also a destination that reveals the true beauty of Cancun. The travellers who are here are given plenty of opportunities to experience the adventures and options for merrymaking. This tower is an iconic building of Cancun with 110 meters of height above the sea level. Travellers are assisted to get on top of the tower by climbing the stairs if healthy and use the elevator otherwise. Visiting this tower is one of the best things to do in Cancun for it consists of over 50+ attractions to take benefits of. Apart from all these, there are water theme rides, music, dance, boat tours, and dining, open till the wee hours. Thus, the scenic tower is something that the travellers are not to miss.

Spend time at the Urbano Kabah Park

 Urbano Kabah Park is an ecological park that is visited by travellers around the world, during all seasons in the year. This park is also easy to locate since being situated in the heart of the city. There are hundreds of people who plan to start off their day here with a little exercise like jogging, walks or even a picnic somewhere during the day. The park is a destination where the natural habitat has been protected and well taken care of. Including playgrounds, there are many options for the travellers to while away their time. Travellers who arrive on cheap one-way flights are of the opinion that this park serves as the best place for mental rejuvenation. Autumn is the time when the climate seems pleasant and when migratory birds can also be seen.


Cancun is an L shaped island with the rarest and most spectacular views spread to acres and beyond. This is one destination where one can see the most natural and preserved destinations. It is also one of the most chosen international destinations over the world for years. However, the best things to do in Cancun can only be enjoyed with proper planning and airline reservations done at the right time.