Thins to do in Cuba

Best Things to do in Cuba and Make Your Travel an Unforgettable One

Cuba is always a paradise of global travellers. It is also geographically one of the largest islands of the Caribbean sea. The beauty of this destination lies in its widespread acres of lands, turquoise blue beaches and a very friendly crowd of natives. There are many things to do in Cuba which can be made an attempt by travellers of all ages. Cuba is indeed a land of celebrations where many occasions, festivals and events are celebrated in unison. It is one of the most desired destinations where travellers plan their travel. The festivals, food, fun and frolic of this destination is another major reason as to why many make up their mind for Cuba. Ahead, we shall go through the best places to visit in Cuba.

Best Places to Visit in Cuba and Make the Most of Your Vacations

The following are some of the major things to do in Cuba in order to make your vacations, the most memorable one:

Visit the Old Havana

The Old Havana is a major part of Cuba which is multicultural and multilingual in nature. Some of the few aspects of the highlight here are its breathtaking architecture and broad roadways. An interesting fact about this spot is that it is the heart of the best cuisines in the world. In addition to all this, it is a place that comprises of many things to do in Cuba. One thing that the travellers expect to do repeatedly is to try traditional Cuban cuisine. Taking a walk through the Old Havana, one may also clearly understand the colonial style of architecture implied in buildings. Also, this spot is an apt one for spot photography with its alluring natural view. Like the long history of the land, the greenery is also preserved in its most resolute manner. It is also altogether a unique experience to dine-in at a restaurant at the Old Havana.

Take part in Trinidad adventures

Top things to do in Cuba

If you are a person who loves adventure, then Trinidad adventures are one of the best places to visit in Cuba. This amusement destination gives travellers plentiful options to enjoy fun and frolic. Located away from the city, this park is free from traffic and pollution. Also, the Government authorities of Cuba are of the opinion that this area is to be free from pollution and should preserve greenery. It is also assured that the visitors who are once here, often fall for the beauty of the land for more. However, since the true adventures of this land lie beyond acres, travellers are often advised to enjoy the boat rides and other activities arranged to access the flora and fauna. Spending time at the streets of Trinidad during late nights is also something exciting to do in Havana Cuba. The streets come to life at late nights with all dances and music, engaging the crowd gathered over.

Party at Santiago De Cuba

As the name states, this is one of the vibrant destinations, to visit which travellers book their air tickets to Cuba. Music and dance here keep the crowd energized at all times. One of the irresistible things to do in Havana is to enjoy the beauty around, despite its hot and humid weather. It is a city in Cuba that follows its own set of cultures, traditions and revolutionary principles. Santiago De Cuba is also filled with many museums, monuments and mesmerizing sites that are to be ticked off. This destination is also filled with plenty of restros and open green fields where travellers on their way, may enjoy their meals. Throughout the year, millions of travellers and natives gather here to attend the carnivals and cultural festivals hosted.

Enjoy Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria in Spanish means ‘joining point of two water bodies’. This stretch of land of 15 kilometers has got its own picturesque beauty. The pristine blue waters here are a sign that the natural beauty of the area preserved for years. However, this is one of those rarely visited, yet one of the best places to visit in Cuba. To make it precise, this destination is exclusively one that is meant for those travellers who love water sports. There are also many activities like sunbath and games conducted to keep the spirits of the travellers high. The spot is simple and serene to host picnics and evenings in leisure too. If you are a true history lover, then make it a point to visit the Ernesto Guevera Mausoleum and learn the colonial culture. Deep within the forest lies smaller waterfalls and streams where nature’s beauty lies undisturbed.

Visit the Varadero Beach

Top things to do in Cuba

Vadedaro beach is one of the reasons as to why travellers book their cheap flight tickets to Cuba. The white sands and moist breeze here is one of the inevitable ingredients to soothe the traveller’s mind. The beach becomes all crowded and lively during the months of July and August. Also, for the safety of the visitors, diving and other adventurous activities at the beach have been classified as for beginners, intermediate and experts so that guidance can be given accordingly. To be accurate about the beach, it is a blue beach with a 20-kilometer backyard. Besides the beach, there are also many shacks and restaurants that serve visitors with warm drinks, snacks, and cuisines. If you would like to walk, then there are plenty of lagoons in between to take breaks. By all means, travellers call this destination as a perfect weekend getaway.

Escape to Playa Pilar

Playa Pilar in Spanish means ‘ most beautiful beach’. Resembling the name, it is the smallest beach ever with an area of 4 kilometers. Soothing the minds of travellers, this is indeed a serene spot where silence is much felt. Many travellers consider this beach as an important one amongst the things to do in Varadero for its peace it gives. Along with sunbath, fishing and diving, the travellers are allowed to enjoy their vacations to its peak. There are many ways to get here including kayaking, biking or hiking. Travellers who arrive here in the evenings come just to see the flight of flamingos. This beach also opens the perfect opportunity for its visitors to spend time within its restaurant, beach and the overlooking tower from where the beauty of the land seems more obvious. After exploring the beach, the travellers may enjoy spas, treatment, and hot showers and feel rejuvenated. This is one of the interesting things to do in Havana Cuba to feel the beauty of the place.

Attend the Havana Biennale

Many travellers often make their reservations for round trip flights to Cuba to attend the Havana Biennale. As the name suggests, it is an art festival held in Cuba on a yearly basis. The highlight of this exhibition is that the works of Latin American and Caribbean artists are showcased during the event. The attraction of the event comes when the art is brought from the museum amidst the public. The ultimate aim of such things to do in Havana Cuba is to introduce the travellers to arts and to bring a correlation between the arts, society and individual history. It is also a surprising fact that almost 400 proposals by artisans over the world are submitted to partake in the event in a year.

Participate in Havana World Music Festival

The Havana World Music Festival happens every year with varieties of traditional and contemporary music played by renowned artists. The aim of this festival is to introduce travellers to local music. The visitors are also allowed to pick their order of food from the counter and enjoy the event. This is one of the best places to visit in Cuba on one of those leisurely evenings with musicians coming from all over the world. The music played ranges from jazz, funk, hip-hop, and folk to numerous other categories. Acoustic music is given more importance all through the event. Enjoying the dance and artistic pieces showcased amidst the streets till late nights are other interesting things to do in Havana Cuba.

Enjoy Havana Carnival

The Havana Carnival is said to be the best time for merry-making in Cuba. It is one of the most prioritized things to do in Cuba, held in the month of August. However, the preparations for the same start by early February and go up to the end of August. The aim of such an event is to introduce travellers to the things to do in Varadero and Cuba. Attended by a mix of all social classes, many travellers also book their round trip flights during the festival and enjoy the social integrity. The highlight of this carnival is the parade on foot, horse carriages and on floats where the attendees wear picturesque costumes. Ultimately, the aim of this carnival is to reinforce the lost cultural, ethnological and traditional values of the society.

Partake in the Havana Ballet Festival

Top things to do in Cuba

The  Havana festival is nothing but the compilation of world dances on to one single platform. This event is also one of the main things to do in Cuba which has completed 40 years as of the year 2000. The festival also glorifies and presents each form of art in a prestigious and delightful manner to travellers. It is also attended by famous dancers, choreographers, pedagogues, critics, and observers. There is also a ten weeks structural program conducted for scholars for which they conduct lectures free of cost. 


Cuba is definitely one of the destinations where travellers book their airtickets for their vacation. It is a multi-ethnic country that looks on to imbibe the same in the visitors. Many book their cheap business class tickets to this destination on early occasions to prevent last-minute hassles. These are also the reasons why travellers look forward to flying to Cuba at the cheapest rates.