Things to do in Paris

Major Paris Attractions to Tick Off this Vacation

Paris is said to be one of the most visited romantic destinations around the world. It is a city that still thrives with all its glory and grandeur amongst many other destinations. Including salons, bakeries, monuments, and museums, there are plenty of places to visit in Paris. It is also a city that gives much importance to arts and architecture.

Almost 7 million travellers make plans to travel to this city.  To make things more precise, it is one of those cities that has got many mystic aspects to fall in love with. Also, there are plenty of destinations to tick off, as you plan to book your flight tickets. Ahead, we shall see the best things to do in Paris which one must attempt before the end of their travel.

Best Things to Do in Paris to make the most of your travel

The following are some of the major places to visit, where travellers look forward to spending most of their time during their travel:

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Needless to say, Eiffel Tower is one of the most major landmarks of Paris. It is also one of the most inevitable and important parts of the city. One reason that makes this destination important is that it is one of the retained and protected man made monuments. Also, getting on top of the Eiffel tower mesmerises the travellers with a 360-degree view of the entire city which is better experienced during the night.

One of the best things to do in Paris is to walk across the glass floors and experience the heights. The tower remains fully lit and most beautiful on Christmas nights. Also, the visitors are warmly welcomed with meals arranged at the tower at the lowest rates. Dinners are made relishing with the best variety of food and wine served at the foot of the tower. On exclusive occasions, there are cruises arranged for travellers on special occasions.

Spend time at the Notre Dame Cathedral


The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most notable icon which was once spoken about by many famous philosophers. The walls of this cathedral have been inscribed fully with handwritten Biblical verses. It also consists of 70 meter high towers and is surrounded by skyscrapers. People who are on a pilgrimage mostly make their air ticket booking to visit this cathedral.

The glass windows of this monument have been vibrantly painted with pictures of philosophers, apostles, and virgins. The most noted destination nearby is the archaeological museum which is actually an old, excavated site. Antiquity, by all means, has been preserved in an untouched manner here, for years. Also, there are all holy proceedings such as Holy Mass on all Mondays and Fridays. This is the time when the cathedral remains fully crowded.

Get clicked at Wall of Love

Many travellers even go for last minute flight deals to get clicked at the wall of love. The main attraction of this wall is that the words ‘ I Love You’ have been written in over 250 languages. This wall reflects 10000 unique ways of revealing love. It was the idea of French philosopher Frederic Baron to research the different ways and dialects of expressing love.

There has also been a contribution of 192 different languages in filling up the wall of love. Different nations have expressed the feeling of love through different languages on the walls. This is in fact a place which has the best things to do in Paris. This is also a learning place where travellers may learn to pronounce different ways of proposing. Outside it, is a beautiful cafe, Cafe Des Deux Moulins where one may spend enough time, enjoying their evening cup of coffee.

Fulfill your taste buds at Angelina

Angelia is another one of those major places to visit in Paris during any time of the year. It is purely a destination which is meant for chocolate lovers. Varieties such as hot chocolates are served at the Tuileries Garden, which is indeed a refreshing experience. One will definitely stay amazed by the variety of chocolates being served here. Moreover, the best and elaborate kinds of breakfast and dinner are served too.

This love for chocolates is the reason as to why travellers check out even for cheap flight deals to visit Paris. The calm ambiance and elegance of the place puts the heart to peace at once. The interior design of the place is also warm and rare which is another major reason to generate interest amongst the travellers.  Chocolate lovers name this destination to be a paradise by itself.

Shop at Bounquinistes

Bounquinistes is also known as the  ‘book readers hub’ amongst the travellers. These are in fact, small flexible houses that are open for book shopping. Books here are sold on small portable carts, like any other item, sold in markets. The word ‘bounquinstes’ means a small book in French. Thus, it is one of those Paris attractions that book lovers find inevitable. This spot sells the best and the cheapest books in the world, like nowhere else. However, Bounquinistes opens only for four days in a week and Wednesdays are the cheapest day of sale.

The slashed rate at which the books are available is one of the main reasons as to why travellers pay a visit here. Due to this same reason, this place was marked a UNESCO heritage site. The visitors are allowed to walk across the store, read and enjoy the books of their choice. For ardent book readers, both first and second copies of the books are available at ease.

Visit the Catacombs


Catacombs are nothing but underground museums of immense historical significance. These are more into fame since the tombs of many renowned philosophers are located here. The burial ground then was located at a depth of about six feet. There was a renovation of these tombs in about 1810. There are also inscriptions on walls and tablets that have been preserved with all their newness. These were once destroyed in a natural calamity and later restored. Rather than being one of the main destinations in Paris, these are also one of those spookiest places to be at. There is almost a 1.5-kilometer walk through the tunnels to reach the museum.

Dine at Bastille

Bastille is indeed a cafe with its own history. It is also a major landmark where the travellers book their flight tickets to. These destinations are of much historical significance since they have the stories of the city kept alive. Also, the political importance of this destination is much higher. It has been marked as one of the essential Paris attractions for being the hub of many Paris museums, art galleries, and restaurants. Also, the cozy, stylish atmosphere that this restaurant promotes is indeed matchless. In addition, the divine art and music lift up the mood of the visitors.

Explore the Rodin Museum


If there are 10 best things to do in Paris, one of them is to visit the Rodin Museum.  This is also a prominent archaeological site that stands within 3 hectares of land. There are almost 300 pieces of ancient art preserved here for ages. Many of the sculptures here depict romance and human relationships and are dated back to the 18th century. Almost all creatives at this museum have been created using metals like bronze, wax, marble, and plaster. Even the flowers, greenery and plants here have been well maintained by the authorities.

Shop at Rue Cler

Rue Cler would definitely be one of the best shopping places that a traveler can ever be to. It is a one-stop-shop for all requisites such as groceries, fruits, and food at the cheapest rates. On the other hand, one needs to take a walk across three blocks to reach this place. Almost all the world-famous shops selling Italian foods, fruits, flowers, pastries, and medicines are located here. It has been notified by the Government that these markets are to stay shut on all Mondays.

Get on to MontParnasse tower

Monparnasse Tower-Paris Attractions

MontParnasse is one of the biggest Paris attractions that has been reported by UNESCO too. It is the tallest building in Paris with a height of 231 meters. It is an iconic landmark that was skillfully built by the eminent designers of the city. Offices of many major political parties, architect councils, and bars are located here. It is also a peak point that creates a breathtaking view of the city. Many travellers arrive here to get the 360 views of the place. This is one of the most visited places in Paris.


Paris always remains a favorite destination to travellers when it comes to a vacation. Including travel, adventure, food, and explorations, there are many things to do in Paris during a leisurely trip. These are also things that travellers look forward to while travelling to Paris. Therefore, it is recommended that travellers make their plans well in advance to make the journey more enjoyable.