Things to buy in Toronto

Most Exciting Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto is a city that is most popular amongst travelers who explore the world. Unlike the other destinations, it is one such where navigation are made easier and even more simplified during travel. The adventures, sightseeing places and shopping experiences here are truly unique when compared to other destinations. There are many interesting things to do in Toronto that are free and low cost, including travel and shopping experiences. The museums in Toronto are the places where arts and artifacts dated back to centuries ago have been preserved for future visitors and viewers. The city is also home to parks, amusement centers and gardens that are spread across acres in Toronto. Ahead, we shall explore the major Toronto attractions that are the main reasons as to why travelers opt for this destination without a second thought.

Major Toronto attractions to tick off by the end of your travel

The following are some of the major Toronto attractions that the travelers must include in their travel list before their travel ends:

Royal Ontario Museum


The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the major centers of culture and tradition in Toronto. This destination is one of the major landmarks of the city and carries a greater amount of international importance. The main reason for visiting Toronto city or booking cheap international flight tickets is to enjoy the preserved beauties of arts, culture, and nature. The museum also has preserved significant samples of gems, minerals, hidden treasures and biodiversity from years ago. It is also claimed that there are six million objects preserved for the past many years and have been maintained to date. Similarly, the preserves of the past have been visited by travelers around the world all through the year. The museum also hosts interactive conversations, talks, one-day camps, summer camps and similar programs for travelers on an educational ground.

Niagara falls

This waterfall with giant boulders and spectacular views is always an enticing spot to visit for travelers. The Goat Island nearby is a serene spot that is also recognized for practicing conservative development. These islands are known for their conservative development and preservation of natural beauty with the years passing by. Niagara falls is also known as the ‘point of land cut into two’ from its enthralling view among the travelers. Since many travelers love clicking photographs here, the ministries have enforced strict regulations to a point from where they may click pictures. There are also Niagara conservatories that look upon the protection and maintenance of flora and fauna in the surrounding areas. One of the most memorable and adventurous activities that the travelers exclusively make flight reservations here as they visit Niagara falls is the ‘white water walk’ or the walk over the rivers, which is definitely one of the spine-chilling things to do. The Innis Killin winery is also a popular spot that travelers do not miss out on for its sale of iced wine. Casinos near Niagara are known for the night outs conducted.

West Queen West

West Queen West is a majestic hotel with history aging up to years and is one of the most iconic destinations of Toronto. It is listed amongst the major Toronto attractions since being the most luxurious hotels extending a comfortable stay to all its visitors around the year. The major attraction here is the healthy food and drinks served to all the customers. Another bout that is frequently conducted here is the exhibitions of rotating foods and photography. The local foods are best served at Borrelia at the cheapest rates. Shopper’s paradise here is known to be the best place selling alluring pieces of artwork. The secular festivals of Toronto are celebrated to its peak at West Queen West by different communities. Nights are made even livelier through down towns and pubs that make the nights livelier. Walking through subways during the evenings would be one of the most perfect things to do this vacation.

Entertainment District

This destination has gained its name from the number of hotels and theaters thickly packed here and are the major sources of entertainment too. The film festivals hosted here makes the district and its residents all the more vibrant and energetic. The two major kinds of events that occur here are sports events and entertainment festivals hosted evenly throughout the year. To all those who arrive at Toronto on cheap last minute flights for an unwinding vacation make their stay at Brasaii, a place that is popular for brunches served warm and at pocket-friendly rates. The nights become all the more buoyant through night DJ’s and parties conducted, with drinks to add on to bring out the true spirits of the occasion. There are varieties of packages provided to the travelers based on their budget.

Distillery District


Another major destination to plan for is the distillery district, which has also been recognized as the hub of art and creativity. It is in fact, the world’s largest distilleries which stay flooded by visitors all the time. Contrary to the usual, it consists of many boutiques that sell products of recycled clothes and products. There is also a sports gallery that is created of old sports accessories too. The cuisine here is simply irresistible and serves the best varieties of contemporary dishes. The local art galleries are also the centers of ancient art and preserve them in a much placid manner. Also, the alcohol production units of this district are the major destinations of sightseeing by travelers who make their flight reservations here. December is the time when the Distillery district seems to be crowded when travellers fill in their bags with gifts and souvenirs, and other exciting things to buy in Toronto. Many simply arrive here to take part in the art installations that take place during weekends. Light snacks, coffee and cookies served here makes the travelers feel all the more gratified.

Haunted Walk

This exciting stroll takes the travelers through the darker side of history. In fact, Toronto claims this place to be the best for horror lovers. The most exciting part of this walk is the one through the Spooky Lagoon where travelers are asked to take a spooky walk through the eerie silence. There is also a story about the Ghost of the University of Toronto which excites and scares visitors. Similar is the walk through the secret passageways which is something daring to be done as a part of this walk. The fortitude and spirit of the visitants are rewarded with hot chocolate, muddled cider, and biscuits.


Izumi is claimed to be one of the first breweries of Toronto. One of the most exciting things to do in Toronto is to grab the fresh bottles of wine and beer, prepared, preserved and packed here. The beers and wines produced at Izumi are familiarized across Toronto. Hygiene levels are re-ensured at every stage of preparation here as the ingredients are thoroughly washed, steamed, cooked and blended in their respective proportions with utmost precision and hygiene. In addition, bi-cultural kinds of blends and brands are promoted and purchased by travelers and residents. In short, Izumi is definitely a place for the daily drinkers to gather, explore and experiment.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma literally means ‘the hill house’. It is both a formal and informal destination for planning and executing wedding ceremonies. This destination sets forth a cozy ambiance through its tunnel-like structure with garage, carriage rooms, and lit bulbs. There are also conservatories where many things from the past are preserved and protected completely. Each room within is decorated in an appealing manner and open to breathtaking views. It also excites travelers as being one of the most exciting things to do in Toronto to get clicked with ancient historical moments. Also, automobiles stored and protected from years ago are still a sight to behold. Even the documentaries from the past are preserved with precision.

Hockey Hall of Fame


One of the many leisure activities to do in Toronto is to take a walk to the Hockey Hall of Fame which is indeed a recommended spot for ice hockey lovers. The hall is one of the most ancient and established one which is innovative and interactive in nature. The entire space within has been well utilized through enticing artifact displays and trophies. The promotions of various sports events and games are conducted and often hosted here and are attended by millions. Also, unlike the other destinations, this hall is open to public visits throughout the year by travelers who often love their evening cup of tea at coffee shops within or outside the complex.

Fort York

Fort York is another exciting destination with things to buy in Toronto at affordable prices. The nooks and corners of this destination are of much importance to the travelers and the residents. Similarly, yet another activity to be included in the list of things to do in Toronto is to take the local Toronto food tours and taste the flavors of Toronto. If you are looking forward to shopping further, then you may bag some of the fresh, exotic food items, pasta and bread. There are umpteen food options that you can include in things to buy in Toronto, get them all ticked off before your travel ends. If you have even more time left in hand, then you may simply take a relaxing walk through the shopping streets too


Toronto is one such city that stands out for its beauty and natural views. It is one destination that travelers prefer visiting anytime round the year. There are many Toronto attractions to visit and explore throughout the vacation, and many goodies to pack for home too. The breathtaking experiences at sightseeing places in Toronto would be the most unforgettable part of this vacation. By all these means, Toronto is called a different and remarkable place. Planning to visit Toronto, book your flight tickets now!