Vancouver Attractions

Things to do in Vancouver: Vancouver Attractions 2020

Vancouver is one of those destinations that is adored for its beauty, outdoor adventures , and cosmopolitan activities. Many travelers visit this destination to explore the neighbourhoods and to adore the natural beauty. Be it the city or the surrounding areas, there are a lot of things to do in Vancouver which excites the travellers. With the most unique and interesting things to do, Vancouver is definitely a most craved destination for which travellers wait to make their international flight bookings to. Ahead, we shall see some of the major Vancouver attractions to plan for as you book your air tickets.

Major  Vancouver attractions to add on to your travel list 2020

The following are some of the major Vancouver attractions that many travellers get eager to visit during their travel in 2020:

The Vancouver International Wine Festival

The main aim of the The Vancouver International Wine Festival is to open celebration to people of all age categories.  The celebration opens with wine, whereby different varieties of wine are prepared and shared amongst the attendees. A sample of arrays of wine is prepared and shared amongst the attendees and the varieties available are countless. The intention behind this festival is to celebrate the summers and spend some time together with the beloved. This is also one of those Vancouver attractions which introduce the travellers to the world’s best wine, beer and alcohol. Also, another hidden aim behind such a gathering is to socialize and satisfy taste buds. Holding a bottle of wine and having a refreshing stroll would be something that adds more color to this event. The main reason as to why many travellers prefer being a part of this vibrant event is because it introduces the travellers to the best qualities of alcohol. The evenings become even livelier with guests and music. Often, there are also workshops and activities hosted, which makes the crowd engaging.

Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach is another beautiful destination that brings in a lot of travellers from around the world and is made a part of every traveler’s bucket list. The welcoming greenery around creates a feeling of staying back here for a longer while. However, the walkway that leads the travellers to this destination is exhausting and long. The food stalls alongside the beaches serve visitors with refreshing food and drinks. Altogether, the experience shared by frequent visitors makes a longing in every traveller to get here. There are many art forms performed here by renowned artists during late nights for which the crowd always gathers. There is a 15 minute long walk from  beach to where these astounding artforms are performed. Rather than the scorching afternoons, it is ideal to get here during the evenings. The beaches seem to be a relieving spot to savor the beauty of the evenings where the calmness can be felt. The beach foods prepared in an appropriate blend of spices is simply undeniable.

Vancouver Maritime Museum


The Vancouver Maritime museum as the name suggests, is a destination that is fully devoted to the beach-oriented architectural projects. The travellers stay fully immersed in the beauty of historical models and ships. Observing in a closer view, these models are created with immense craftsmanship and beauty and stand fully unique. Apart from the usual museums, there are also plentiful books and publishing which have been preserved in a spick-and-span manner. Th travellers are also given an opportunity to walk through the vessels of ships and understand their nature. In other words, the Vancouver maritime museum is simply one of those destinations that are devoted to archaeology lovers. Visiting this museum would definitely be a part of the unforgettable experiences in Vancouver.

Cherry Blossom Festival

The cherry blossom festival in Vancouver is a significant event that is celebrated throughout the nation by people of all ages. The aim of this festival is to enjoy the time of togetherness and enjoy the cultures and traditions of the nation. As the  name suggests, the festival is hosted amidst cherry and is a mixture of contemporary arts, culture, nature and free spirits. There is no barrier or restriction on age categories and is therefore one of the brightest events hosted in Vancouver. There is a surfeited celebration that takes place throughout the day for two weeks. There are also chromatic underground arts and craft events that take place even in the underground. This is therefore, one of the unique destinations that can be planned for as a part of family travel undoubtedly.

Lonsdale Quay Market

Lonsdale Quay Market

The Lonsdale Quay Market is a popular shopping destination with many interesting things to do in Vancouver. The best part of this market in its appearance is that it is a waterfront market with a scenic view. There are about 80 shops that attract the travellers to buy different things at cheaper prices. There are also night markets that allow the travellers to shop to their heart’s content  and also take a stroll through. There is so much to grab at lowest prices being sold at 80  plus shops. Some of the undeniable things to buy at Vancouver are Candies, fish, art, produce and flowers. The water frontage market also provides a scenic view beyond what the eyes can see. The waterfront market is a fully crowded area which remains the same throughout the day.

Granville island

The Granville island is also known as the crown of Vancouver. The indoor markets of this island is known for the sale of fresh food and flowers which are also some of the main things to buy at Vancouver. The boutiques are also  one of the most crowded areas. These islands also sell beer and wine too at affordable prices. Seafood varieties are sold too at cheapest prices. There are also plenty of water theme parks for children. The top stations also provide a spectacular view of the islands. These islands are open to visitors throughout the day.

China Town

As the name suggests, Chinatown is a destination for those who love serenity and silence. Like all other leisurely spots, apart from other things to do in Vancouver, China town which is all about food, wine and games. Also, China town is said to be the best places to plan a well-spent vacation since it has got many interesting things to do. The colourful chinese garden is also one of the most colorful sights to see for which travellers book cheap flights Canada. There is also a shrine devoted to the ancient t philosopher Jimi Hendrix. There is also a suntower nearby with idols of maiden wearing sensual dresses.

Bloedel conservatory

The Blodel conservatory is a lush paradise 500 varieties of plants and herbs that are the rarest as seen. This is one of those destinations that is chose  for destination weddings and stands 500 metres above sea level. It is said to be one of the most impressive Vancouver attractions  since it comprises of a variety of flora and fauna. It is also an impressive fact that this conservatory has become the prime location for the filming of many movies in the near past.

Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science

Though the Telus Worlds of Science might not be much heard of, it is also one of those significant places to be added to the major vancouver attractions. Students generally make their flight booking here to take advantage of the scientific sights which is beyond the usual experience. It also removes the conventional thoughts of a person and replaces the usual thoughts. The planetarium here is also a place that provides a spectacular view of the scientific world. However, this destination of global importance has been preserved in an undisturbed manner since the past 40 years.

To sum up:

Vancouver is a destination that is densely populated and also has its field of tourism open to the public. There are also many Vancouver attractions, some popular and others unidentified amongst the travellers. Thus, these are some of the most interesting destinations with exciting things to do.