Things to do in Delhi

Top Delhi Attractions?? Things to do in Delhi 2020.

Finding the most exciting things to do in Delhi 2020

Delhi always remains a city that is flooded with an outnumbering population and needless to be said, is the national capital in its whole majesty. Visiting Delhi, a traveler may always stay amazed by the mingling of rural and urban population and the transformation of borders of the city to village and vice-versa. The city of Delhi on the either side is bounded by the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. In fact, the city due to its climate is visited by travelers from all around the world. Ahead, we shall see the most exciting things to do in Delhi 2020.

Best Delhi attractions to visit on planning your travel

The following are some of the major Delhi attractions which are the major reasons as to why the  travellers from every nook and corner of the world would not miss out on:

Stretch your neck to the peak of Qutub Minar

Qutub MinarBeing one of the majestic monuments in Delhi, Qutub Minar is one of the most noted and significant monuments of India. It is a construction that outstands the rest with a height of 240 meters and comprises 5 storeys. Many travelers who make their airline reservations to Delhi and visit this destination admire the beauty of the scriptures beautifully inscribed on the walls. There are also photographs and excerpts of the Emperors of the age-old dynasties depicted on the walls. The markets in Qutub Minar are known for selling souvenirs, goods and coin collections. Once you walk out of the restaurants, you may also find restaurants selling delicious foods, exotically prepared using the ancient and proven aromatic recipes.

Immerse in peace at the Lotus temple

Lotus Temple DelhiThe Lotus temple is a construction that wins over the rest due to its magnificence in construction. It stays a major Delhi attraction by being recognized as a symbol of peace and prosperity. It is a belief and a rare custom here that the travelers and visitors here are to offer their prayers in unison without a difference, which brings in good luck. You may also spend one of those wonderful vacation evenings by walking across the gardens here in the pleasant weather. Do not miss out on the amazing street foods prepared in stalls that win over the taste of recipes in restaurants. This goes in as an amazing combination to win over the harsh, chilling weather in the months of November and December.

Visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan DelhiThe Rashtrapati Bhavan is an important destination with many interesting things to do in Delhi. Many travelers often make their flight booking to Delhi to simply explore this significant monument. It is the most recognized residence of the President of India. It comprises 400 rooms with all amenities provided within. The travelers are allowed to visit this destination only on weekends. The Mughal gardens within the same compound is a place that is frequently visited by both foreign and local travelers. The President’s vehicle dated years ago and the President’s live speech through the hologram becomes an unforgettable experience to the visitors. Also, the personal belongings of the past presidents have been preserved safe from the past. 

Experience the culture of Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid DelhiJama Masjid, rather than being a religious mosque is considered as a symbol of peace by the visitors worldwide. The visitors are often asked to walk barefoot through the compounds of the mosque. Many ardent believers check for the best flight deals to visit the Jama Masjid, one of the renowned pilgrimages of India. The Meena Bazaar, a market place very close by also sells a variety of caps, trinkets, and knick-knacks. There are also first-quality silver and bronze jewelry sold at the Khan Market. Bargaining works better here as you may avail the commodities at a cost lesser than what you have in mind. Many travelers who make flight reservations on Toronto to Delhi flight simply immerse themselves in the crowds of shoppings.

Spend your evenings at Connaught Place 

Connaught place DelhiConnaught Place is a perfect cultural, financial and business center to the travelers and tourists who make their flight bookings to Delhi. Many of them prefer to simply walk around and enjoy the arts and crafts galleries around. The ICCR ( Indian Center for Cultural Relations) is located here and serves as a place of educating the visitors here. It is also a venue for many occasions and events being hosted in Delhi. One of the must-visit destinations or places of interest here is the Dhoomimal Art Centre with contemporary artworks, music, and culture. You can even find cheap last minute flights to be here at Connaught Place.

Visit the Old fort

Old fort Delhi The Purana Qila or the old fort is a major attraction in Delhi and has got many things to do in Delhi 2020 that you wish for. This beautiful monument is said to have the remains of a whole civilization. The fortress consists of three gates namely Humayun Darwaza, the Bara Darwaza, and the Talaqui Darwaza. The best nearby spots to visit here are the National Zoological Parks that preserve many species. Travelers often book Vancouver to Delhi flights to make a visit to the science museums with exhibition halls. A commutation does not seem to be much of a problem here since there are metros and battery-operated autos that provide services.

Spend time at the Habitat Centre

Habitat centerThe Habitat Centre is said to be one of the renowned centers of learning and is hence considered an important institution. It is one such institution that is built upon with sufficient infrastructure which is much evident in its construction. The Stein Auditorium is an important part of this center where many cultural shows like standup comedies, the performance by artists and celebrities are distinctly showcased. One may also enjoy an authentic American Dinner too. Also, many travelers book Winnipeg to Delhi flights to enjoy the American dinner specially arranged as a part of the travel packages. There is also an amphitheater which delivers an unforgettable experience to the travelers.

Visit the Chhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Temple DelhiChhatarpur Temple is one such Delhi attraction which is noted for its intricate marble work. Visiting the temple during the Navarathri festival, one is sure to lose themselves in the music and dance. The Montage Art Galleries here are the showcase of all the defined and undefined arts of the past. There are special halls in the temple for the devotees to conduct poojas. There are 20 smaller temples around the main one where the idols are of incarnations of Goddess Durga. Many travelers also make their flight reservations to explore the architecture of the temple. Most travelers look for the best flight deals to Delhi to enjoy this Delhi attraction and the view of the city from the temple.

Lose yourselves in Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar DelhiJantar Mantar is a monument that was built with regard to observations based on astronomic positions. The spot called Agresan Ki Baoli is one area that is easily recollected by many for being a spot for shooting many scenes in Bollywood movies.If you insisted on flying to Jantar Mantar then you can find huge offers on international flight bookingThe destinations also consist of instruments that are used to examine the position of the sun, especially for people doing their religious rites and prayers. This destination was later marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2010.

Travel to the Little Tibet

Also known as Majnu Ka TLIttle Tibet Delhiila, the little Tibet is home to many Tibetian refugees since the past. It is one of those exciting destinations for which the travelers book Calgary to Delhi flights and take a tour around this major Delhi attraction. It is also often visited by travelers, bloggers, scholars, and foodies. The traditional Tibetan food varieties stay simply irresistible with a topping of well ground spices.  Hence, Little Tibet is always a destination to visit in which travelers make their flight bookings, especially to enjoy those hot and soft momos. Following a mix of cultures and traditions, Little Tibet is still a village with a limited population.

Feel the aura of Nizamuddin Dargah

Nizamuddin Dargah Nizammudin Dargah is indeed the most serene and peaceful place to pray and also gives peace of mind to the devotees regardless of any distinctions. The famous Urdu poet Amir Khusro’s tomb is said to be located within the Dargah. All the arches, walls and windows of this pilgrim center are kept spik and span even after so many years. The rites here include the lighting of incense lamps and showering of roses to offer prayers. Thursdays are the days when many travelers book Edmonton to Delhi flights when the day is believed to be an auspicious one. The celebrations conducted here also add more color and vibrancy to this place since they are made more musical with the Qawwalis.  Coming out of the Dargah, you may also find narrow lanes and hawks selling delicious street foods.

Shop safe at Chor Bazar

Chor Bazar DelhiIndeed a noted shopping area is a market for thrift and exciting shopping spree. Here, you may avail of different items like books, clothes, gym equipment, cameras, and stationaries. The items here are sold at the cheapest rates simply like you think. Reaching this market is simpler than you can think of since there is plenty of transportation like metros and buses available here. Ideally, this is one destination that is to be visited during the mornings. Being a fully crowded destination, there are no private modes of conveyances allowed inside. There is also a display of the lost and found items preserved from the olden times. However, the visitors are strictly warned to keep their belongings safe to stay away from pickpocketing.

Walking through the Sunday Book Market

Book MarketThe Sunday book market is the oldest book market in Delhi. It is also one such destination where the sellers earn their income just by selling books. There are almost 300 booksellers who stay up too late nights to sell off their books. However, this market seems to be relocated every week depending on the availability of space. Many often book their Halifax to Delhi flights or make advanced flight reservations to experience the city life and their true love for books. In fact, the best part of visiting this Delhi attraction is that it helps the travelers unleash their true love for books.

Spend time at Kunzum Travel Cafe

Kunzum travel cafeThis cafe serves travelers as both a coffee shop and an art gallery. It always keeps a stack of magazines, books, and articles related to travel which never fails to amaze the travelers. It also serves as an artistic destination for like-minded people to sit together and share their thoughts. The cafe also shares hot beverages to keep the conversations brewing longer. It is a different experience to sit around and share travel experiences with strangers. Occasionally travelers fly from Ottawa to Delhi to enjoy a couple of hours here.