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Top US Destinations You Should Add To Your Bucket List

A lifetime may not be enough to discover all the cities in the U.S. This is because the United States of America is the third largest country in the world in terms of area. However, there are a few top U.S. destinations that you must include in your bucket list. They are as follows:

Las Vegas in Nevada

Las Vegas is by far the most favorite U.S. destination for many people. Known all over the world for its casinos, it gives you a very different and out of the world experience. Even if you could afford to spend a week in Vegas, you might never find the time to gamble. Check out the Downtown Container Park, the open-air shopping center. It has many unique restaurants, boutique retail shops, and offers live entertainment for the entire family. If you are wondering as to where you can find cheap flights, you don’t have to go beyond

Crescent City in California

You can park yourself in Crescent City in order to experience some incredible nature in Oregon and California. The must-see attractions include the astonishing Redwood giants, the stunning beaches in Oregon, and the Crater Lake. These are some of the panoramic landscapes in the United States.

Big Island in Hawaii

The Big Island, separated by windward Hilo and leeward Kona, is worth an exploration. The Atlantis Submarine Tour in Kona is the best option to take a peek at the bottom floor of the ocean. Never miss out on indulging in some shave ice. Children of all ages just don’t want to miss out on the Hawaiian ionic shave ice. Also, go on a helicopter tour to see the volcano in Hilo. It is an unforgettable experience, especially because you can feel the warmth against your skin. A little bit of research would be helpful if you are looking to book cheap flights to Big Island.

The White Mountains in New Hampshire

The White Mountains in New Hampshire is by far the most underrated U.S. destinations. The scenery is sure to capture your heart. Some of the must-do things when you are in the White Mountains include a visit to Diana’s Bath (don’t forget to take your swimsuit), Aerial Tramway in Cannon Mountain, and Flume Gorge. Finally, the visit to the White Mountains is never complete without a tube trip on the Saco River. It is not a good idea to miss out on a chance to visit the White Mountains even if you are successful in bagging only cheap one way flight deals.

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