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Yoga Retreats in India that helps teach Yoga to the world

India has for centuries been the spiritual capital of the world. People from across the world irrespective of their age and gender would fly to some of the most famous Yoga retreats in India to unwind themselves from worldly stress. Yoga is a wellness concept that involves unwinding the mind and body. The Honorable Prime minister of India, his Excellency Shri Narendra Modi has once famously said: “Yoga lets people discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature”. Cheap airline tickets have made traveling to India an easy endeavor. Due to better connectivity and high competition within the airline industry, Canadians can avail cheap international flights to most Indian cities. 

More and More Senior travelers are using their hard-earned savings to learn about Yoga and meditation, some airlines provide senior travel offers to their senior customers, these offer further make the flight ticket more affordable. Some come to India in search of spirituality, others come to India to learn about yoga and meditation. Single women have also started to explore the possibility of using yoga and meditation as a means of curing loneliness, mental health issues, and physical health issues that affect them. Yoga helps people to live with nature and be one with mother earth, this rejuvenates their mind and body. Single women travel is a costly adventure but by taking advantage of women’s day deals offered by most airlines, the cost of travel can be significantly brought down, making some of the most exotic destinations more accessible. Most airlines offer last minute flight deals for its customers who want to travel to all most all destinations in India. India’s domestic and international aviation market is highly competitive hence last minute flight deals might look like a bargain when compared to other travel destinations. Some of the must-visit yoga retreats in India are as follows:


Kalari Kovailakom, Kerala

Yoga Kerala

Kalari Kovailakom in Kerala is a well-known yoga and meditation retreat located in Palakkad, Kerala. The address of the Palakkad Kalari Kovailakom is as follows: Kalari Kovailakom, Payyallur, Kollengode, Palakkad, Kerala 678506. Kerala has one of the largest concentrations of Yoga and Ayurvedic (wellness) clinics in the country. The Kovilakom is an archeological wonder it was constructed in the late 19th century in the little town of Kollengode. By spending quality time in the Kovailakom, travelers can appreciate the intricacies of the old palace and its picturesque ambiance. The traveler can experience the village life of Kerala. The Kovilakom is approximately 75km from the airport, which the traveler can cover using Uber, Ola, or the local train. It is considered one of the most famous yoga retreats in the country.

Isha Yoga Centre, Tamil Nadu

Yoga Tamil Nadu

Isha yoga center is considered one of the best places to learn yoga in India. It is world-famous for its Adi Yogi statue. It is a non-profit, non-religious center in Yoga that focuses on developing a high-quality complete wellness ecosystem. The Isha foundation emphasis on connecting with the inner self. The foundation offers vegetarian food for its pupils. The yoga session is an intensive short course program that helps people to perform what is famously known as inner engineering. Inner engineering helps reset your mind and body just like how you reset your smartphone. Yoga helps people to be one with nature, it helps them to reconnect with one’s soul. Isha Foundation is considered one of the most famous yoga retreats in the country and probably the world as well. 

Kaivalyadhama Ashram, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Maharashtra Yoga

Kaivalyadhama Ashram is located at Lonavala, a hill station between Mumbai and Pune. Located within 180 acres of parkland the ashram as a yoga research center, this facility opened in 1924. The ashram provides certified courses for Yoga teachers along with short beginner courses and advanced courses for people of all ages. It is one of the most famous yoga ashram centers in the country because of Mahatma Gandhi. He was patient in the ashram, trying to overcome mental breakdown in the year 1927. The objective of yoga according to the ashram is to purify the mind and soul. Yoga and meditation combined can provide a holistic healing process for the mind and the body. The Ashram host some of the best infrastructures of its kind and the visitors can enjoy a comfortable stay. Kaivalyadhama Ashram has one of the best infrastructures of all the famous yoga retreats in the country. 

Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

Bangalore Yoga

The Art of Living Ashram is headquarters in Udayapura, Bengaluru. The address to this ashram is Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, 21st Km Kanakapura Road, Udayapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560 082, India. The Art of Living Ashram is founded by Guru Ravi Shankar with an intention to promote internal and external wellness among the people of the world. It has operations in a lot of countries. But people still prefer to come to the 65-acre campus located on the top of Panchagiri Hills. The beautiful piece of land was once considered not suitable for any cultivation and termed as a wasteland but now with years of hard work, it has been converted into a natural paradise. The Ashram is considered one of the best places to sink the mind with nature and be one with it. Art of Living as the name suggests is an institution dedicated to helping people unwind and relearn the concept of living with nature and thus living to the fullest. The art of living is one of the most famous yoga retreat in the world. People from all over the world come to its ashram to learn the new meaning of life. 

Iyengar Yoga

Delhi Yoga

Sage Patanjali in the 5th century B.C. codified and compiled the various yoga practices. Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar drilled down the entire essence of the yoga sutras and made it possible for the average person to participate and experience the magical effects of yoga. He is famously known as “modern-day Patanjali”, his followers have spread his style of yoga to the length and breadth of the world. People have an opportunity to learn Yoga at a professional level and get certified for the same. His style of yoga teaches its followers how ashtanga yogas eight aspects are integrated into one proper synergy. Iyengar Yoga address is as follows, Indian Heritage Society, Plot No.65,66,67, Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, Rouse Avenue, NewDelhi, India -110002. Iyengar Yoga is revered as one of the most popular branches of modern yoga, and it is considered one of the most popular yoga retreat that attracts a large number of celebrities from across the world. Located in New Delhi it is very accessible to both foreigners and Indians alike. 


Yoga helps people to connect back to nature. It is a process of inner engineering that helps set the inner principles of the body in order. People from far and wide come to India to learn the art of inner engineering. Yoga institutes in India provide beginners courses, crash courses as well as professional certified yoga courses for both national and international students. Yoga helps enhance a person’s quality of life, which in turn has a positive impact on the lives of ordinary men and women. Yoga is a beacon of hope that helps people from all over the world to unite as one and become one with nature.