What are Unpublished Fares

Unpublished fares: For Cheap International and Domestic Flights

What are Unpublished fares? 

Unpublished Airfares Definition: Unpublished fares are considered to be the best way to acquire cheap international and domestic flights. Very few travel agencies deal with unpublished fares and in most cases, these agencies employ a strategy of high volume ticket sales. Travel agencies who employ this technique buy airtickets in bulk quantities, this helps them to reduce cost per ticket. When the cost per ticket is low the travel agency will have the capacity to sell tickets to its customers at very low prices. Travel agencies who employ high inventory volume will look at very low-profit margins on their per ticket sales. Revenue comes from bulk volume sales. This strategy is a double-edged sword as on the one hand, it gives the travel agency the leverage to sell tickets at very low prices and on the other hand, it results in high inventory cost and low liquidity. 

If you look from a customer’s point of view, unpublished fares can help you get the best price available on the market. If the customer is lucky the unpublished fare dealer would charge very low margins for the tickets that they issue. The objective of these agents is to ensure that there exist high ticket turnovers, to ensure bigger returns. High volumes are a bargaining chip for agents to get cheap bulk rates from airlines, creating better returns on their ticket sales. Unpublished fares cannot be published online, to avail these special deals customers can call the 24/7 support center facilitated by the online travel agency. The key feature of unpublished fares is that it could only be sold offline or through phone (on-call).

Unpublished last minute flight deals: Cheap Airline Tickets

Unpublished last-minute deals are managed by very few travel agents like BookOtrip. Last-minute flight tickets are usually very expensive and most agents who deal with these tickets make a killer margin on the same. Most last minute flight deals are bought by people who are met with urgency, and at that moment the price of the tickets becomes irrelevant for most. Most travel agencies take their customer’s vulnerability to their advantage to make a killing out of it. Very few travel agencies like BookOtrip does not believe in customer rip-offs, they offer last minute flight deals at the cheapest rate possible. Those agencies who believe in ethics usually charge very low or zero margins on these tickets as the prices offered for the same is already too expensive and out of reach for most of the travelers. 

Unpublished Airfares Definition

Unpublished business class tickets: Cheap International Flights

Cheap business class tickets are hard to come by, the only certain way you receive cheap business class tickets by approaching a travel agent who deals in unpublished business class tickets. Only a minuscule number of travel agents come under this category. The unpublished fare dealers give the customers an option to negotiate the prices and in most cases, the customers can get a very good deal. There is a provision to upgrade your economy class tickets to business class and many customers opt for the same, as in some cases the difference between the economy class tickets and the business class ticket is very small. Last-minute flights come under this category, as you could probably figure it out your self last minute flights are very expensive, making business class flight prices look very attractive. Most airlines would love to have higher business class occupancies and these upgradations are welcomed by most airlines. Very few people know about this opportunity and very few people utilize the same. But as more and more people are getting educated about the possibility of an upgrade, the business class has now become the new bargain, especially for long distant non-stop flights.

Business-class flights are usually bought by customers to travel long international flights, very few use the business class to travel domestic routes. I recommend business class upgrades for long-duration non-stop flights, as it ensures a comfortable experience. People who hate flying should always make it a point that they travel book business class because the five luxury offered in this class will keep you distracted throughout the flight, reducing stress level, anxiety, and the possible panic attack caused due to aviophobia (fear of flying). There is an old saying the aviation community “those who have upgraded to business class will never travel economy again”.

Premium Economy Flights: The New Economy Class

Premium economy, first introduced by EVA Air in the year 1991, has gained a huge fan following these days. The premium economy flights have seen an all-time record high occupation rate in the year 2018-2019. People who do not want to travel in economy class but could not afford business class flights find a premium economy is a right choice. The premium economy blends luxury and affordability at the same time. It represents the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience at a fraction of the cost of business class flight tickets. Unpublished premium economy flight tickets give customers an opportunity to win negotiated price deals from the agents. These negotiated deals are usually lower than the price mentioned by most online travel agents, giving you maximum value for your money. When you purchase a flight ticket at the lowest rate possible, you will go through a sense of achievement and mental bliss. It is a beautiful feeling that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. 

Subscribe to Flight Price Tracker: One stop solution to track best deals

Browsing the Internet for best deals will consume a lot of time, effort and money. Having a subscription to the BookOtrip fare tracker will help travelers get the latest information on the possible new deals and sales offers introduced by all major carriers. Fare tracker helps travelers track all the major offers and deals giving you an opportunity to use the same for your advantage. While calling unpublished fare providers, ask them about the offers available at the moment and negotiate a good price for your travel. Miss information can cause you a lot of monetary damage, make it a point you understand the offer thoroughly before making a commitment.


Unpublished fares are considered as an opportunity by many to travel for less. It is a win-win situation for unpublished ticket providers and customers alike. Low margin on tickets increases sales of tickets on one hand and on the other high volumes ticket sales increase the profit of the business. There is a big risk associated with this approach, only a hand few financially sound businesses try this approach. The prices of airtickets are highly volatile, the ability to get the best price for your travel is a matter of probability, unpublished fare dealers improve your probability for a better deal.