tips for Solo Female Travel on international women's day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 Exclusive: Tips for Solo Female Travel

Travel is the best way to feel a change and take a break from the usual routines of life. It is something that creates a different feel of getting connected with like-minded travelers as you move towards a location. In fact, travel is something that creates a greater impact on a person’s life. Also, solo female travel is the best opportunity to be alone and savor the independence and feel of solo travel. Above all, it is the best time for a person to get some time for self-care. Ahead, we shall see some of the most emphasized solo female travel tips to keep in mind before you plan on your solo travel.

The most emphasized and golden rules of solo woman travel

The following are some of the most recurrently initiated and golden rules of solo woman travel to be focused on:

Knowing the etiquettes

Whichever is the destination you have planned to travel to, just be prepared, both mentally and physically for your travel. It is always recommended to do sufficient background research on the location, plan for the entire travel and execute it. Another vital thing to do essentially before your solo women travel is to learn the language of the land so that you may easily communicate your basic requirements. Doing research on the significant places to see, foods to eat and other such essential information. Mainly, it is important to know the change in time zones which helps most during solo travel. Similarly, mingle with the local crowd who may help you with sight-seeing and make new friends in the new destination. However, it is advised to keep the conversations open so that contacts can be maintained.

Gender diversity

Understand the population of the city and the ratio of males to females that exists. There is this new trend that exists in the travel sector as a whole, where women look to opportunities to ‘ learn and earn through travel’. The scope for travel writing is increasingly growing on a global level. Today, most write-ups on solo female travel are written both by men as well as women. However, it is recommended to follow the new trends in travel and follow the same. Ideally, for women, it is suggested that they join hands with the key players of the travel industry, especially women and join hands with them in order to explore the place to the farthest. Getting more active on social media and following eminent personalities of travel is one of the best ways to mark the most happy women’s day travel ever. It also helps the traveller to get recognized by a larger crowd.

Awareness of safety

While every woman aims to mark a happy international women’s day 2020 by travelling to their most awaited destination, remaining aware of the levels of safety is as important. Primarily, the documents before travel are to be kept arranged in the order in which they are required.  Knowing some self-defense for your travel is also essential especially when you explore the city or destination all alone. Hence, from the moment you make your flight booking to the day of return, keep sharing your live location to your friends and acquaintances to keep them informed about your whereabouts till the end. In addition, pack according to the nature of your travel, and see to it that you do not overpack. Maintain a set of emergency contacts, of people who would be readily available for help during adverse situations. Having travel insurance is the best possible way to ensure cost control.

Knowing the kind of travel

There could be two reasons for travel- either personal reasons or from a perspective. The basic things to know about making your flight ticket booking are the cultures, traditions and the cuisines adapted to the destination in order to follow them. Understanding the languages and dress codes may also help since they help well during travel. Consequently, see to it that you pack according to your needs and do not over pack. While travelers get all excited about celebrating a ‘happy women’s day’, they often miss on the instruction of packing based on their needs. Travelling with a mindset to make the most of your travel helps you enjoy the travel in the most leisurely manner. Creating news stories then becomes food for thought and also creates a sense of accomplishment.

Idea on destinations

Knowing the destination does not just mean reading on the destination before travel. It also means getting an idea of the kinds of visas required and the other supporting documents that might help. Also, research well on the flight information before you go. Locate and understand the airports that are closer to you to board your flights for travel. Get to know the frequent and cheapest modes of local transport and use them for smooth travel during your travel. Keep a check on the weather before and during your travel and see to it that your health conditions may match the weather conditions.

‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’- Helen Keller

Destinations to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020

The following are some of the best destinations where the world gather’s to celebrate a happy international women’s day.

Mont Sutton:

International Women's Day 2020 destination Solo Female Travel ski

Mont Sutton is one of the most renowned ski resorts in Canada that is visited by many travelers around the world. It is one such destination that is filled with peacefulness, beauty and reflects the culture of the destination. It is one of those unique experiences to simply cycle around the Mount Sutton circuit. Another thrilling activity to do is to Kayak through the Mississippi River. One may also get to savor the best food varieties sold at affordable prices all along the way such as cheese, chocolates, bread, pies, and pastries. This destination is also one of the few that is suggested a unique one celebrate international women’s day 2020.

Bondi beach

international women's day 2020 destination for Solo female travel Bondi beach

With bright blue waters and breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset, it is the dream of many female travelers to visit this beach, with views of the skies. Many of them also prefer having their lunch at Gertrude in Alice Bookstore and cafe. It is also a fact that those who have booked their cheap airline tickets fall in love with the homely, leafy meals served at Eden restaurant. Spending some time all by themselves doing yoga and meditation at the beach is also something that is said to soothe the traveler’s mind. The best end to the trip lies in bagging goodies sold at the Bondi market.

Caribbean islands

Caribbean Island Solo female travel destination for international women's day 2020

A much heard of destination, Caribbean islands always assures a happy women’s day. Many travelers even opt for the last minute flight deals to visit its beauty because it is indeed an exotic destination. St. Lucia is one of the best places to trek, early in the morning or late at night, for it is filled with lush greenery that captivates the heart. The tea shops at Bermuda are one of the favorite destinations of women travelers who stop a while during their stroll for a refreshing cup of tea. The seven-mile sea amidst the islands is the best place to try adventures such as snorkeling and scuba diving.  It is a destination that makes your day even more meaningful.  The Caribbean islands are the best spots to give a break to the body and soul.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast solo female travel destination for international women's day 2020

The Oregon coast is a spot that consists of a lot of wild and unique things to do. Taking a trail through the coast, especially a relaxing road trip would be the perfect way to start with a happy international women’s day. The beauty of Cannon beach is also something incomparable and beyond words. Hunger pangs can best be satisfied at the Candy stores and Cafe which welcomes the travelers with countless varieties of sweet and food samples. Some travellers book their cheap international flights to spend a while at the Dunes National Recreational area. To enjoy a scenic view and spend some time by themselves, women travelers prefer making it to Samuel H Boardman scenic corridor.  Feeling the sea waves altogether eases out all the worries.


international women's day 2020 destination- Tulum beach for solo female travel

Tulum is another adventurous destination where travellers mostly book cheap flights within Canada to kickstart a wonderful weekend. One such activity that many women get thrilled to do is cave diving, which takes a lot of courage to be completed. Tulum is also the second-largest barrier reeved islands of the world. For women travellers who love adventures, Maya Riviera would definitely be an amazing experience. These are arranged by trained professionals who assist the travellers completely during the adventures. Tulum is also known for serving the best varieties of soups made of fish and shrimps. There are also many water sports that travellers enjoy on being to this destination.

To sum up :

Travel anytime is an experience and stays different from the other each time. Solo female travel is not only a form of education but also a chance to explore a much-desired destination all by themselves. It also creates eagerness to the travellers mind to know more about a destination and learn deeply about it. Many also see this opportunity as a chance to learn and earn. Indeed, such travel would be a turning point for a lifetime.