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Edmonton (YEG)
Aug 26, 2023
Kozhikode (CCJ)
Sep 19, 2023
C$ 1932

Cheap Air Flights from Edmonton (YEG)

Edmonton, the capital of Albert Province, has a population of over 1 million. Edmonton is otherwise called a Festival City owing to the fact that it hosts many festivals around the year. Edmonton was first incorporated as a city in the year 1904. Edmonton has the distinction of being the northernmost city of North America. Edmonton’s terrain is generally flat with small rolling hills. The North Saskatchewan River divides the city into two. Edmonton is among the coldest cities in Canada. Summer is short, winters are long and cold and spring and fall are both very short and very variable. The West Edmonton Mall in the city was the world’s largest one till the year 2004. It is the size of 48 city blocks. The Art Gallery of Alberta is an old cultural institution and houses over 6000 display objects. Edmonton sports over 70 golf courses in the city.

Cheap Air Flights to Kozhikode (CCJ)

Kozhikode is famous for Mappila or the Malabar Muslim food. The Mappila food of Kozhikode traces its origins to the Arabs that reached Kerala’s coast many years back to trade in spices. Eventually, some of them married local women and settled here. Their settlements along the Kozhikode coast are among the oldest in the community. They blended with the local crowd and brought in their recipes too. The result of the cuisine that evolved in Kozhikode was a blend of both local and Arab cooking and with a brand new captivating taste. A significant contribution was the different kinds of bread known as pathiris. The parottas made of wheat also became famous in Kozhikode. The food in Kozhikode ends up with a distinct taste because it is cooked in coconut oil. The food is at its spicy best and beats the Yemeni and Iraqi food in terms of spiciness.

Cheap Flights from Edmonton to Kozhikode (YEG to CCJ)

Your search for cheap air flights from Edmonton to Kozhikode ends here. This festival season, we have put together discounted ticket prices in all flights to Kozhikode. This is the best time to holiday with your family.

Kozhikode has seen the end of monsoon this year and the air is cool and refreshing now. There is no better time to visit Kozhikode with your family and friends than now. It is going to the best holiday ever.



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