Cheap Deals from Whitehorse (YXY)

Whitehorse forms the capital of Yukon and it is indeed largest city in the whole northern Canada. The city is located about 1426 kilometer on Alaska Highway of southern Yukon. The city has very milder climate that tourists enjoy as it experiences the subarctic climate. It is easy for one to attain the cheap deals from Whitehorse (YXY).

Cheap Deals to Amritsar (ATQ)

Amritsar is called Ramdaspur and is the major city in Punjab which acts as the administrative headquarters of it. Amritsar is the city which has semiarid climate and which experiences the four primary seasons like winter, summer, monsoon and post monsoon. Harmandir Sahib and Durgiana temple located in Amritsar are major and beautiful sites to visit in the city. Book the flight tickets online to Amritsar (ATQ) much prior to the journey.

Whitehorse To Amritsar Flights (YXY To ATQ)
The Whitehorse to Amritsar is a route which is very busy and has got so many flights from the popular flight operators like Air India, Lufthansa and Air Canada. There are so many Whitehorse To Amritsar Flights (YXY To ATQ) that can be compared to choose the one that is best for saving money well. The aerial distance from Whitehorse to Amritsar is 9401.53 km and the minimum duration for the travel is about 34 hours and 40 minutes. Compare and get hold of the airfare deals from Whitehorse to Amritsar (YXY To ATQ) so that one can actually save quite a lot for a trip. It is advised that one should always compare and get the tickets much prior to the travel.

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