Cheap Flights from Abbotsford (YXX)

Known as the ‘city in the country’, Abbotsford is one of the worth visiting destinations in Canada. It lies in the middle of the Fraser valley and is located adjacent to Great Vancouver. Abbotsford is the city that is rich in talent, culture and history. It depicts the blend of modern and traditional culture and is a home to various art and cultural galleries. Abbotsford international airport is the primary airport of the city that allows you to book flights online from Abbotsford (YXX).

Cheap Flights to Kolkata (CCU)

Kolkata is the second largest city in India and is one of the worth visiting cities in the world. Spread roughly along the east bank of the Hooghly River, Kolkata sits within lower Ganges delta of the eastern India. Kolkata is subjected to the tropical dry and wet climate with January as its coldest month and May as its hottest month. The winter (November to February) is mild and is very comfortable weather season throughout the year and thus it is the best time to visit this place. NetajiSubhas Chandra Bose International airport is located in the city and handles domestic and international flights. Several airline operators offer cheap air fare to Kolkata (CCU) so the book the ticket right away.

Abbotsford to Kolkata flights (YXX to CCU)
No direct Abbotsford to Kolkata flights (YXX to CCU) are available and thus the traveler has to go through 3 main stopovers namely Calgary, Amsterdam and New Delhi. The aerial distance that the flights have to cover is about 7135 miles and the minimum time duration taken by the flights to reach Kolkata is 29 hours and 20 minutes in approximation. Basically, the flight duration depends on the flight route followed by the airline company.
The presence of some of the popular airline operators such as Air India, Jet Airways, West Jet, Delta and KLM make your trip affordable by offering the facility of booking thecheap flight tickets from Abbotsford to Kolkata (YXX to CCU).

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