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Travel Alerts and Updates

Knowledge is power. It helps us make good decisions and for travelers it helps them plan their trip better. Airfares keep changing: new destinations keep emerging: flights schedules keep changing and new destinations being added; as trip experts, we have to stay on our toes to keep our customers abreast of latest developments in travel industry.

New Launches:

Being a premier online travel portal in Canada we have strategic alliance with major careers operating in the travel industry. Keeping an eye on routes launched, frequencies increased, new amenities added and fares revised in order to make your travel cheaper and convenient. So, the travelers can also turn to our website for loads of latest developments in travel industry.

Hot Trends!!

The list of hot, hip and happening destinations keeps changing year on year and as a travel solution provider of repute, we keep you abreast of emerging destinations. With an updated list of emerging destinations we help travelers know about recent trends in travel and plan their trip accordingly.

Travel Advisories

We want you to enjoy every moment of your travel and return home safe. To achieve this, we keep a close look on latest advisories issued by the government of Canada and update the same on our website so that our customers can make informed decisions. From the outbreak of epidemic to war and political instability; having prior information help you plan a trip packages better.

Apart from that our travel and updates section also covers major events, festivals and sports taking place around the world that our travelers might like to attend.