Best Price Flights from Saskatoon (YXE)

Saskatoon is known to be the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. It has a population nearing 300,000 residents. The city is located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. The name Saskatoon is derived from the name of a violet-colored berry by the same name that I native to this region. This city has many river crossings and is also called the Bridge City. The Blackstrap Park lies at a distance of 40 km in the southern direction from the city. This place is often a destination for school field trips. Saskatoon has warm summers and long and cold winters. There are four distinct seasons that Saskatoon enjoys. TCU Place is a major arts venue in the city. The Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra plays here. The city hosts many festivals during the summertime Jazz Festival, Comedy Festival, Children’s Festival, etc. Saskatoon also hosts an annual show of antique automobiles.

Best Price Flights to Kolkata (CCU)

Kolkata, formerly called Calcutta, is one of the big cities in India and a major port. It lies on the eastern banks of the River Hooghly, which is itself the main channel of River Ganges. It is an important commercial center and houses many important industries. Kolkata is an amalgam of the east and the west. It is a vibrant city with its people noted for their artistic sense and political awareness. Book fairs and art exhibitions which are aplenty in Kolkata are always crowded. Kolkata lies on swampy plains. The Salt Lake City in the northeastern side has been reclaimed from these swamps. Other suburbs of Kolkata are Haora, Baranagar, Behala, South Dum Dum, etc. Kolkata has a warm climate throughout the year. There is some rainfall between the months of June and September. Winter extends from November to February. During this time fogs and mists are usually seen in the morning times.

Saskatoon to Kolkata Flights (YXE to CCU)

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Kolkata is done with the summer and the air will be refreshingly cool. With the approaching festivals season, the air is full of excitements and there are celebrations everywhere. There is no better time than now. Book your tickets and fly to Kolkata now.



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