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People across the world are looking for cheap international flights to travel across the world to discover other civilizations, art works, and meet new people. Thankfully, due to high competition among airlines international flight tickets have become cheaper. Cheaper international flight tickets is an advantage for the average Canadian giving him the opportunity to visit international destinations and to immerse in their culture. If you are very lucky you could end up buying very cheap international flights as part of an offer. Canadian airports are some of the most well connected airports in the world making it possible to book international flight tickets to all the exotic destinations in the world. BookOtrip cater to all the international flight booking needs of Canadians. With the arrival of low fare carriers Canadians are exposed to some of the cheapest international flights from Canada, a privilege only few countries in the world can claim about. BookOtrip is proud to say that we provide some of the cheapest international flight deals in the country.

Avail Flight Deals On International Flight Booking

International Flight fares are usually more costly than domestic fairs, but that is not always the case. There are certain circumstances when international flights can be availed at a cheaper rate, below the domestic flight rates. Certain airlines offers fire sales for a particular route, and the prices for such airlines tickets are extremely cheap. Such scenarios are very rare to occur but then if you are lucky or subscribed to our email promotion schemes you are in a better position to utilise the opportunity. It is always advised to buy tickets from a recognised agents as these agents usually buy bulk tickets from the airlines at a discounted rate making it possible for them to issue tickets at a cheaper rate. Always look for deals, promotions offers, promo codes to take advantage of their promotional offers and always book way in advance of your destined travel date.

Best ways to find cheap International flights

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Connecting flights can save you a lot of money.

As many destinations have multiple airports in close vicinity, it is often the case that flight prices vary for different airports. Compare airfares when booking your international flights. Ensure to get cheap airline tickets.

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Most Searched International Air routes in BookOtrip

Traveling within budget is everyone’s need. BookOtrip offers cheap international flight tickets as well as international vacation packages. Our user-friendly interface lets you search for flights to your destination and you can easily book cheap international flights without any hassle. If you have any queries about our international flight booking, or anything else related to travel, feel free to give us a call. Our trip experts are always standing by, ready to help you get the best deals possible.

International Flight Tickets to India

Indian’s are one of the largest immigrant populations in Canada and the size keeps on growing. Most of the Indian diaspora in Canada come to Canada as students and then take advantage of the favorable immigration laws and then apply for a work visa, permanent residency so on and so forth. Indians no matter wherever they live will visit their relatives at least once every two years. Traveling from Canada to India is a very expensive process and BookOtrip knows this, we have devised various discount offers to avail them some of the cheapest flight prices available in the market. Even though Mumbai and Delhi are the most busiest route, cochin international airport, located in Cochin, India commands a lot of traffic from Canada. We have tried to provide exciting offers to flights from all the major Canadian airports to all the major Indian airports. We value the contribution of Indians to the Canadian society and this is our way to honour it

FAQ for Booking Cheap International Flights

1. When is the best time to book cheap international flights?

There is no special time for international flight booking. if you could book tickets 2-3 months advance from the date of journey, you have a better chance of getting cheap international flights.

2. Is it cheaper to buy international flights at the airport?

No, it's not a good idea to purchase air tickets directly from the airport. The prices at international airports are way higher than what you could get through other sources.

3. Is it possible to transfer the air tickets booked for cheap international flights to someone else’s name?

Not, you could not transfer your tickets to someone else’s name. This is the case with domestic and international flight tickets.

4. What is the difference between Layovers and stopover on international flights?

Layover time between airports is between 30 minutes to 23 hours. If you intent to stay more than 24 hours it is called stopovers. The stopover destination is usually an international location.

5. What are the airlines that provide cheap international flights from Canada to India ?

Air India, Air Canada, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad, etc are some of the few airlines that provide very cheap international flights from Canada to India.

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