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Why is my fare different from what’s listed on other websites?
Airlines typically sell seats at the highest price possible, with seats set aside for various types of customers. For example, some seats are allocated only for corporate customers. Prices fluctuate depending on airplane capacity and how near the booking is to the departure date. Determining the accurate cost of a seat on any given flight is impossible, but we always quote the lowest fare available that fits your specific needs.
What is the difference between a passport and a visa?
A passport is required to enter most countries and to re-enter a country where you are a citizen. A travel visa is an official government document that allows a person to be in the country they are visiting.
How do I know if I need a passport?
Our consultants will tell you whether or not you need a passport. For the latest information about how to get your Canadian passport and which countries require one to visit, we recommend you check the government of canada website.
My name has changed from the one listed on my passport. Do I need a new passport?
Yes. Your passport must reflect your current legal name. For more information and a list of the required documents to apply for a new passport after a name change, visit the government of canada website.
Do I need an international driver's license?
An international driver permit (IDP) contains your name, photo and driver information in 10 languages and is an accepted form of identification in 150 countries. Most countries recommend you get an IDP even if it is not required. For more information on how to get an IDP, visit the government of canada website.
How do I know the country I will be visiting is safe?
We do our very best to inform our travellers of any safety concerns. At the same time, because of the changing nature of global affairs and the importance we place on your safety, we strongly recommend that you take an active role in protecting yourself. Visit the government of canada website for alerts and warnings whenever you plan to travel and always keep your passport secured.

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